The world is a bubble
a tiny little place
a world inside it’s center
our world always encased
surrounded by the same air
looking at ourselves
reflection in the skyline
our visions colored with light
the world inside a bubble
ourselves do we only know
the light that wraps around us
doesn’t actually help us grow

Twisted little faces

Twisted little faces
looking back at you
sleeping in your vision
the truth the will undo
twisted little smiles
on fingers reaching out
tips that dangle forward
moving with their mouth
twisted little bodies
died within the mirror
they will feast on flesh
they will feast off fear
twisted little faces
looking back at you
they are but reflection
reaching out as truth

This ride

She screams inside
the thoughts have clouded her mind
it burns, it hurts, to think so much
and the screaming clogs the ears and such
the body moves to thoughts that steal
every moment, no time to heal
for visions build and she’s been misled
her screams have swallowed up her head
dreams don’t comfort during these reds
the worlds she visits end with tides
floods of roses often thyme
and everything will be just fine
keep the screaming inside this time

Eyes on the ceiling

Eyes on the ceiling
true love forgets
children don’t die here
though often regret
the dreams that we had
we all have left
gaining a rainbow
colored death
broken like glass
good porcelain
the mirrors all shattered
the silver is lost
eyes on the ceiling
sins they have watched

Cannot forget

I hear screams
and see visions
of things that are
beyond unpleasant
everyday my brain
is plagued
with nightmares
that bleed to day
I hear screams
and see visions
of trauma that I
cannot forget

Clowns in alabaster skies

Circles in the air
everything is here!
The square all festive
we throw our brains
right down
shooting cotton clouds
we grow braver now
now that we see clowns
circles in the air
the red nose we see clear!

sin eater

I remember;

a vision of what’s to be,

redemption bringer-

sin eater-

Queen of the unseen.

Army of fallen angels

demons of the trade

bring the souls of vision-

reconstruct their debt.

Borrowed vision

see the truth

you’re crimes will ever be removed.

I remember a warrior Queen

saint of the sinful

Lucifer’s dream.

This is the life hidden for me-

a mother in madness,

meant to lead,

ever the teacher a version


finally understood what’s meant

to be.

(16 June 2016)