The fast and the truly evil

“There is a difference, you see, between myself and every villain you’ve watched on television, or read in a book.” Her eyes are piercing as she looks through the glass between us. It’s thick and I’ve no way to get to her or them.
“You’ve seen this before, have you not? Or something like it,” her smile breaks, cold, and deadly.
I want to speak, to scream, but my mouth is dry. My children, my precious babies, sit on the floor behind her, their eyes are wide. Holding my youngest in her arms, my chest heaves, but I cannot speak I just clutch the metal suitcase.
“You let her go. You let her live. Now you must learn-”
Slamming free fist to glass, “I did what you asked! I did what you wanted!”
Tears begin to pour, hot and panicked down my cheeks the weakness presenting in fever. Her hand falls to Tommy’s cheek, he coos, his little eyes watching me through the glass, reaching, but unable to find me.
“Don’t hurt them! Please! Please don’t hurt them!”
Forehead on the glass, tears continuing to run down my face, she watches. She watches, petting my child-my Tommy!
Eyes steel, her voice throaty, deadly, “I don’t want you to beg, but you will learn.”
Lifting Tommy’s face to her own, her lips nearly on his cheek, her eyes peering up at me, amused, “So cute at this age, so innocent, so pure.”
“Don’t touch him! Don’t touch him!” Screams escape as I look to my three older children, tape over their precious little mouths, unbound, but immobile.
“Enough,” the boom of her voice silences me, instantly, causing Tommy to stiffen and gaze up at his captor, eyes fill with love, begging in that infant way to be safe.
“You need to be taught-”
“What!? What do I need to learn!? Teach me! Teach me!”
As all my fury escapes me her smile grows, her head lifts from my child, and her eyes sparkle. Sobs take over as Tommy begins to reach out again cooing ‘mama.’
“Then give me back my children… please… please!”
“What did I say about begging? Don’t be so, utterly, pathetic.”
“Why? Why are you doing this? I did what you wanted… I did-”
“You did this. You are the reason we stand here now. Not me. You will learn though, that all actions have consequences, and all choices are actions.”
Her fingers delicately run across Tommy’s chin.
“You chose not to fire the gun, not to re-obtain the package on your own, and then to let her live by threatening another member of my staff?” every word is sharp I can no longer breathe as each moment plays before my eyes, “Though I do understand why you made those choices, probably better than you, there are still consequences.”
Terror grips my heart as her hand takes his chin fully, and her lips spread across her cheeks.
“I am in control here, Vanessa, but still you thought to make independent choices,” shrugging with her eyebrows she sighs, “You must be reminded who has the power to make those choices, the only person who has the power to make those choices, and that, is me.”
Her last words escape as a crack is heard and Tommy’s head falls to one side.
“You chose to let her live, I chose to kill your child. Don’t make choices on your own again.”
Dropping Tommy like a rag doll she turns to my three remaining children nodding towards the exit. This whole time they didn’t make a sound, and now, still silent, they rise from the floor exiting as ordered.
“There is a difference between true power, true evil, and what the world imagines it to be. Vanessa, I am, that difference. Now, leave and await your next assignment.”