The little head

The problem with women
is Jeremy Meeks-
you see a sweetheart
a right sexy beast.
The problem with women
oh women you see
they think with their clits
though they won’t agree
won’t share the secret
the secret is key-
most are just desperate-
both dumb and naive,
see a sexy man
and go numb instantly.
One might see Meeks
and think he’s so handsome
but when you find out
what he has done
you should turn back, yes,
you should just run-
a man who beats children
is truly a thug
but women oh women
they don’t think things through
yes women oh women
they think with their heads-
the one in their pants
not the one on their necks.

Rose flavored heroine

We don’t kill the monsters
we merely kill ourselves
make the cowards choices
make our beds in hell.
No, we don’t stake the vampires,
we do not shoot the wolves,
we take all of the money
and feed the youth to ghouls.
We don’t kill the demons
we pray to them instead
pretend our power comes
from silence bought by them-
those that have abused us
those that which have fed
on all the other victims
we’ve given them instead
no, we do not kill the beasts
we bend to them and then
pretend that we are heroes
for living off the dead.