Let me out

Let me out
I don’t want to be here
clinging to the cold earth
feeding from the soil
I don’t want to be beneath
underneath the ground
I don’t want to breathe again
until I get the out
free me from the bitterness
of living in my grave
take me out from underneath
let me see the day


Surrounded by the mist
the grey smog underneath
the skin that crawls and wrinkles
surrounded by the fingers
that twist and pull apart
drank the drink of wiser men
clouds that tear and shatter blend
surrounded by the gift of dreams
the billowing smoke
the skin beneath
surrounded by the oceans wide
the blood that fills it leaves the eyes
surrounded by the fog in me
underneath the skin that sings
mist that twist and turns around
amongst the underneath
we find the ground


Strip me down to nothing
tell me what you see
so you still really want me
when there’s nothing but disease
when all the pretty flesh is gone
and there’s nothing in between
all the pain and rot inside
laying underneath
next to you no longer hidden
all set up for display
do you still want me
when all the pretense goes away


Building back some bridges
but only underneath
they aren’t for any real use
just plain old memory
building up those bridges
that we once burnt down
building up defenses
seems so silly now
as underneath it all
everything was there
all the pieces shattered
all in disrepair
all the rubble sitting
sitting in a void
building back some bridges
but only what’s been left
underneath the road
without much use I guess

To find it

Check underneath your pillow
for blood and bone beneath
it lies with you in waiting
for what you cannot speak
the tooth of a lost child
and blood from sordid beast
check underneath the mattress
to find the other’s feet
the foot that has been broken
and made into the treat
the tooth beneath your pillow
the blood and bone you seek


Underneath the flesh
underneath the teeth
the nails you bite
the blood that bleeds
flooding all that’s underneath
makes you sick
and question self
disgusted by
what rots in hell
demons feast off what we’ve lost
the discarded waste and undiscussed
broken skin and shattered spine
won’t go out look at them dine
teeth that gnash but never cut through
underneath the sickest virtue
you have licked the boot beneath
broken nail and gnashed your teeth
kiss and drink the blood abound
you can hate it drink it down

Underneath the gold plating

Little black sheep
just go back to sleep
the world is better now
that your eyes are clouds
that you are off in dreamland
the sky in your head Is black
everything you’ve given
no you’ll never get it all back
sacrifice has taken
a toll on your poor soul
you were once the golden child
but the golds been taken hold
everyone now has a piece
again your wool is black
the little sheep once oh so sweet
is dead to all the hands
left for sleep the nightmares reign
you’re not family
you were just Novocain
Little black sheep
never wanted
you can’t get back
what you’ve wanted
little black sheep just go to sleep
once your dead they will weep.

What’s buried in the ground

secrets cannot burden
a mouth without a tongue
secrets cannot keep
the one who cannot hum
one that makes no noise
and is buried in the ground
a feast for all the maggots
that keep their secrets well
a feast for the earth to have it
all my secrets, sins I’ve worn.