Grow it green

Watch it grow in green and black
the weeds you harbor can’t go back
to drink the wine that has turned red
once was purple then it bled
watch it grow and burn and fester
kiss the neck than drink the nectar
turn the tar to that of ash
the oil that remains burns in mass
forever the singing can hear of the choir
watch it grow and then kill it with fire
turn the twisted back to green
kiss the nectar drink the weeds

The slow break

I’m sick and twisted
over moderately disturbed
but when you miss it
you’ll just make it worse
don’t dismiss it
just sit and listen
if you can’t hear me
then just get lost
because every single second
is a second cost
and every single moment
I remember it all
mind will play its tricks you see
I will remember everything
but nothing is what it seems
no, I can see what’s happening
I am sick
my mind is twisted
part of why
I can’t feel this love
it is gone as I am ill
one day soon I’ll know
how loss feels

Wordless mouth

In absence of the truth we find
souls decay they wither and die
for spoken words no longer true
you have lied demons are soothed
in absence of the honest tongue
lips they curl and dry and break
you become the thing you hate
when everything caresses evil
truth becomes the lips upheaval
and then the world starts to decay
the souls have died they’re no saints
in absence of the truth we find
the purest souls no longer mind
and everything breaks down in time
the world becomes the wordless mouth

Twisted little faces

Twisted little faces
looking back at you
sleeping in your vision
the truth the will undo
twisted little smiles
on fingers reaching out
tips that dangle forward
moving with their mouth
twisted little bodies
died within the mirror
they will feast on flesh
they will feast off fear
twisted little faces
looking back at you
they are but reflection
reaching out as truth