To the river

Take me to the river
make sure I get clean
never liked the dirt much
though it’s how I’m made
take me to the water
bless me with the sun
the light for all my shadows
the lies all come undone

Kitchen sink

I wanna cry sometimes
over drunken lies
words that make no sense
loss of ignorance
time that is unspent
and all the words not meant
I just want to drink
die in the kitchen sink
and never breathe again
at least not in this sin

Truth hurts

It hurt your feelings
but does it mean it isn’t true?
Everytime you’re reminded
have to deal with the true image of you
does it hurt to know that you are you
and that that statement
though it hurts
is undeniably the truth?
It hurt your feelings
but does that make it wrong?
You say you don’t care
but then you cry
is it so wrong to just live your life?
It hurt you so it made it wrong
you don’t care but you cry on
it’s the truth and that’s a fact
it isn’t wrong don’t turn back
if you don’t care look it in the face
the truth to not caring
is knowing your place

Babe you’re not punched

Babe I uh I uh
just need some time to think
to come up with what just happened
when I threw the kitchen sink
babe you don’t know what
uh you don’t know what you’re saying
babe you have not been punched
I didn’t fucking hit you
at least not hard enough
you are so much bigger
men are naturally so tough
I just need a little time here
a little time to lie
too manipulate your thinking
make you believe the victim was I
I didn’t fucking punch you
but even if I did
no one will believe you
babe a woman never fibs

By design

Mirrors by design
reflecting what you hide
drown in pills tonight
always by your side
twist the hair of fate
kiss the empty grave
say it’s all okay
and lie again and again
mirrors by design
reflecting the moonlight
from eyes that open wide
forget the silver inside
irises at midnight
bloom and show the fold
breaking down the mirrors
reflections all grown old

Lead with the lie

Tell me to love you
tell me to bleed it
lead with the lie
emptiness you breed it
clinging to nothing
save and empty dream
of what you think should happen
how you think it ought to be
and you tell me to love you
tonight like it’s the last
it’s like being told you’d die for me
but I haven’t even asked
tell me to bleed it
like I’m the one to blame
for believing the words
you no longer say
lead with the lie
do you know who’s speaking now
of what you think
of what makes sound
emptiness it’s something you breed
just for me
like a garden of dead flowers
we no longer breathe
the breeding of the death
kept withered by time
tell me to love you
I tell you to lie
bury the lead
with the words you don’t say
everything is broken
lost to decay
and you tell me to love you
tell me to bleed
lust in the veins
though you no longer need it
like whispers of something
you don’t want to hear
I tell you to lie
while I say I love you dear

Bitter truth

And now I come to the sad truth
life goes on and we renew
we find new joy
we find new love
some days it feels like
you aren’t gone
and now I see it clear as day
the pain in life still remains
beautiful and ever bitter
the sourness is something sicker
I find happiness again and again
and then I cry and mourn the end


Once again we’re here
back to where we were
maybe I’m wrong
I hope I am
hope I’m seeing wrong again
back and then it all goes black
drunk on what never comes back
a memory of what once was
a terrible tale of truth undone
once again we’re here
back to where it all began
death is such a familiar friend
when everything goes black again

Down the steps

What’s it worth to you
a little how do you do
more smile with less tooth
the truth is bluer than blue
an image in the snow
written yellow in white coal
the moan it’s so damn old
a recording warped and scored
what’s it worth to you right now
can you pay for it somehow
pull the pocket lint right out
smile big and large and wide
take the picture from the right
the side we never hide
the one done up so nice
come alive and dream forever
what it’s worth to you you’ll see
something so cold you can’t believe
drink the drowning kiss from skin
amused by what it was worth back then

If you knew him

If you knew the devil
oh yes your heart be still
for if you knew the devil
you’d be lost in all the thrills
the logic that’s unmoving
the heart that’s all but cruel
if you knew the devil
you’d make excuses until
just as with that ex lover
you keep rewriting truth
when you know the devil
he’s worth every excuse
so don’t pretend your sheets
are all that pretty white
we know you sleep in grey
in the best moonlight