jewelry box

Sitting in my jewelry box
cannot think
can’t get the top off
music doesn’t play no more
the gears they do not turn the cords
the jewelry is lost
the wooden panels all but burnt
sitting in my jewelry box
the world it fails to turn
spin like once it did so bright
golden box it filled with light
sitting in this darkness now
the glitters lost my soul still bound

Time and starlight

I got the time
but ain’t got no motivation
seeing starlight
in the eyes of my vacation
distant dream and melody
that’s got me going mad
I got the time
but ain’t got nothing left to eat
cannot sit around and sleep
nothing left beneath my feet
I see starlight in the eyes of what I need
keeping close the very far away things
ain’t got nothing but the motivation leaves
talking up the type of things that I can’t breathe
seeing visions in the mirror I can’t see
ain’t got no time before it ends
or so to speak
ain’t got a dime in my pocket I can keep
in debt I only know that starlight bleeds
keeping you ain’t no closer to me


I am in discovery
broken like the mend
bending over backwards
always drinking in the head
I am lost in firelight
burned by what is bitter
likened to the wisest
ever drunk now off the cinders
I am in discovery
breaking from the free
keep myself in bondage
until the end will come to me
bending over backwards
dying by the feet
hang me in the silence
broken by the sea


Too many sun flowers
too much doubt
finding myself
like a murderous trout
I got the answers
but I don’t know why
trapped in the cosmos
trapped in the mind
somebody else
let’s you forget rhyme
drink it all down
too many ways out
too many shame clouds
finding myself now
and then it goes black


Let me be selfish
forever and a day
let me believe it
when I say
that I don’t give a damn
I don’t care how you stay
give me what’s mine
and I’ll go away
don’t tell me you don’t owe me
you played me like a fiddle
don’t act like you don’t know me
you got me in the middle
I’ve been trapped here longer
than ever before
trapped underneath your dirty floor
let me be selfish
I pray for the day
that I’ll come over and burn you again
that I won’t bow
or take what’s been given
let me be selfish
ask for what I need
I got wants so you better bleed
never you played me
like a goddamn instrument

All I’ve got

Please just let me go
if you don’t think I know
the hate you gave me to eat
I chew the fat and drink the rain
the rain it falls from tears I make
please just unchain me now
you don’t hear the very sound
of me screaming crying out
let me go or kill this flesh
bleed me dry drink what’s left
please just free me from this hell
I once did think you knew me well
but now I’m crying in the dark
the hate you give it’s all I’ve got