I want to be tangled in her tongue
drunk off words and lungs
the air you can’t keep up
the sounds a lot too much
and everything is skin here
everything is flesh
the kind of floral pattern
that burns beneath the chest
that runs away with vision
keeps you tangled in the night
the tongue that keeps you healed
drunk off her lips insight


Separate and repelling
this heart beats
the flesh is swelling
burning hot
my mind is melting
separate never touching
eyes they see
and tongue may taste
the air it carries
the flavor my way
lips they’ll be yearning
the flesh does still want
separate repellent
it’s all that I got

No tongue

I don’t think I have a tongue
words come out I come undone
you don’t listen but expect me to
I don’t think I’ve been telling the truth
I’m just waiting for the words to come out
interrupt me I’ve lost my mouth
silence becomes me oh yes it do
I don’t know what words mean the truth
I’m not a liar at least not that bad
but silence becomes me I’m talking in sand
the writing on the walls tells me what to say
but I’ve got no tongue my lips went away
so I sit in silence as you watch me pray
waiting for God to come in and save
but I keep on thinking of what I need to say
silence becomes me with no tongue to play

Wordless mouth

In absence of the truth we find
souls decay they wither and die
for spoken words no longer true
you have lied demons are soothed
in absence of the honest tongue
lips they curl and dry and break
you become the thing you hate
when everything caresses evil
truth becomes the lips upheaval
and then the world starts to decay
the souls have died they’re no saints
in absence of the truth we find
the purest souls no longer mind
and everything breaks down in time
the world becomes the wordless mouth


Set fire to his soul
make sure he’s getting old
the cold mortality
of living with one’s deeds
never speak again
we’ve taken both his lips
leave the eyes alone
we’ll take his ears and nose
he’ll scream before he goes
reality setting in
he’ll never breathe again