Wedding bells are ringing
and we are all alone
no one comes to witness
the falling of the snow
we have been abandoned
don’t know what we’ve done
wedding bells are ringing
and no one’s here to hear
as all my joy spills over
all our love forever untouched
we are all alone here
but just you is enough


We don’t say goodbye here
never do we part
we keep it all together
we keep it all in us
our hearts are glued together
with all the memories past
we can sit together
drink amongst the flood
the building of the memories
the stories that we keep
we don’t say goodbye here
we never miss the past
everything that’s happened
we keep forever now
we don’t say goodbye
no we don’t ever let it down


Breathing’s become quite laborious
hard on lungs unseen
beneath this flesh I’m dying slowly
covered with lost things
with withered dreams and gone ambition
I become nothing
breathing becomes difficult
when all you do is scream
screaming for a way out
one never to be found
with withered skin and hollowed eyes
you forget your screaming now
everything just feels like living
though you’re not alive
and when breathing becomes to much
you all together die


You’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry hold it together
succumbing to madness a very bad thing
you don’t want to die here
nor do you want to scream
you’re somewhere else now altogether
through the door you went
you didn’t even pause
but now that you’re somewhere else
you must remember because
madness is a wonderful thing
a key to many truths
but succumbing to said madness
now that will hardly do
you’re somewhere else now altogether
do not worry much just hold it together
never forget the place you go to next
forget about the past if you want to live

Peel the iris

Peel the iris from the eye
keep the rest all shivering white
never see for fear of find
the world beyond this horrid night
drift into the teeth and marrow
suck from bones and make it right
fix the flesh that keeps you tight
flesh that binds and holds you together
peel back the eyelid and have at forever