Yonder years

Can’t talk about it
I don’t want to fight
I don’t even care
If I’m even right
don’t want to feel confused
don’t want to hear you shout
don’t want to feel removed
so I won’t even pout
can’t talk about it
won’t say a word
I don’t want to feel absurd
completely right but told I’m wrong
we both remember a different song
you don’t want to hear it
the patterns clear
I’m just a victim
of all the yonder years

Long night

I needed time
you took too much
can’t recover from this stuff
everybody’s got opinions
I just want to burn the kitchen
break the plates and the knives
I just want to scream and fight
you took too much
and now I’m angry
you think that I am fucking scary
everything I get is mine
you got the dollars I got the time
waiting for the next installment
I don’t care what names they’re calling
I know what that fire felt like
you took too much
so let’s call it a long night

Such a long time

I’ve been waiting such a long time
just to look into the mirror
to see my face again
to know that I’m still here
I’ve been waiting such a long time
a long time just to see
if my sins have changed me
or if I’m still clean
have I lost myself dear
to this bitterness
can I still repent if this is all there is
I’ve been waiting such a long time
but in the end it’s me
the face within the mirror
sins and eyes complete

Time and starlight

I got the time
but ain’t got no motivation
seeing starlight
in the eyes of my vacation
distant dream and melody
that’s got me going mad
I got the time
but ain’t got nothing left to eat
cannot sit around and sleep
nothing left beneath my feet
I see starlight in the eyes of what I need
keeping close the very far away things
ain’t got nothing but the motivation leaves
talking up the type of things that I can’t breathe
seeing visions in the mirror I can’t see
ain’t got no time before it ends
or so to speak
ain’t got a dime in my pocket I can keep
in debt I only know that starlight bleeds
keeping you ain’t no closer to me

Remember yesterday

History in black and white
waiting for the rearview light
keep on speeding on and on
keep on singing the same old songs
never forget and never let go
keep on gripping the flesh grown old
history in skins that scar
everything is bitter and far
over the moon and under the hill
keep on the road don’t hit to kill
waiting for light in the dim moonlight
history in black and memories all gone
the white in this purity a beautiful new song
we’ll forget tomorrow remember yesterday