I live in a memory
of how this life used to be
before we all just fell asleep
turned to shadows
dust and dreams
memories of times before
they never happened
but I remember once more
life before the dreams overcame
before the truth was washed away



Silly little rhymes and things
keeping me from cutting strings
everything is so peculiar
as the window golden sings
dancing in the rain and glasses
shattering the grass like plastics
beautiful and so familiar
silly little trinkets
and the things they do the mind
keeping me from cutting strings
or running out of time

All I’ve been

In the midst of the deep ocean all I see is black
a world beneath what’s been forgotten to which I can’t turn back
a mess of mind and soul in tatters everything is cracked
I cannot move for lack of vision my body is the sand
deep within the darkest ocean I’ve been driven mad
still I’m breathing no longer living forgotten what I am
a world beneath what’s been forgotten an ocean dark and then
the world beneath is filled with light no longer empty seas
I no longer see the black but the light has blinded me
forgotten still what was before I no longer feel my skin
sand consumes the driving force beneath the waters land
in the midst of the deep ocean all I know is gone
broken lost once forever forgotten all I’ve been


It all comes crumbling down
tick the clocks and run right now
burn the pictures trash the house
tear the curtains break the mirrors
we are dying breaking fear
it all comes down crumbling so
the world we’ve lost, lost all we know
broken pictures broken dreams
we got lost in all our screams
tick the clocks and tock the time
we all crumble before we die

Water is the sun

I lay beneath the water
I fall right back to sleep
I dream of what’s to come
like moonlight bathing me
tomorrow never ceases
to be right behind the door
I lay beneath the water
my heart is wanting more
I fall right back to sleep
dream of what’s to come
moonlight as my keeper
as water is the sun.

As we once noticed

Let’s hope it rhymes
let’s hope it’s good at keeping time
let’s hope it looks
looks good in gold and white
let’s not delay
unless we’re tired and we can
let’s go for broke
instead of going with the band
let’s take of rules and when they don’t apply
let’s read the writing
the writings on walls that are not mine
this is the world
let’s celebrate before we’re gone
let’s hope for curls
let’s forget what we’ve done wrong
let’s drink to us remember we get to have fun
and when it’s over
let’s hope it rhymes as we once noticed

The lake

The lake is silver
it reflects
the mist of my lost innocence
memories of times no better
when little girls still tar and feather
everything so still, serene
the beauty of what lies beneath
she is sullen like the sky
the lake it mirrors
the dry moonlight
innocence I thought was mine
the lake it hides my silver lining
I was good it was just all timing

Me time

Everybody so hungry
they starving
they got needs
everybody wants safety
the ability to sleep
everybody got demons
and bills to pay
everybody living
ain’t exactly the same
when you worship idols
the ground may walk away
everybody so hungry
so thirsty for something
for money, adventure
for true love honey
everybody wants a good life
living in luxury just fine
everybody wants something
so good
it’s just coming
everybody wants something
starving for that money
for that moment they can shine
watching pretty pictures
blowing delusions in spare time

The clock tower

The tragedy of growth
is taken under oath
the liability
of gardening the weeds
plucking all the roses
killing time of soldiers
breaking all the watches
make sure that they’re stopping
dropping from the rooftops
the melody is ruthless
toothless and unused if
you can find excuses.