The older woman

As time moves forward
getting older and quite thirsty
want a drink but not from sink
I want the fresh squeezed
I want it newly off the vine
I want it naive
my own fruit begins to wither
to dry and come to end
I want the young flesh in my cup
I want the freshest juice blood red
time keeps moving forward
the thirst a new given
like vultures to their prey
I drink all I want and more
destroy the youth with passion
immortality I will force
getting older and thirsty
my throat has gone quite dry
the beauty is in the humor
how the old refuse to die

Me time

Everybody so hungry
they starving
they got needs
everybody wants safety
the ability to sleep
everybody got demons
and bills to pay
everybody living
ain’t exactly the same
when you worship idols
the ground may walk away
everybody so hungry
so thirsty for something
for money, adventure
for true love honey
everybody wants a good life
living in luxury just fine
everybody wants something
so good
it’s just coming
everybody wants something
starving for that money
for that moment they can shine
watching pretty pictures
blowing delusions in spare time

A boy like brother

Let’s get defensive
let’s get mean
let’s talk about reality
you wanna excuse
excuse behaviors
is it cause your brother
or just the new dick savior?
Nicki feeling thirsty
got that cheap on the brain
wants to get defensive
he was just fifteen
forget about the manslaughter
just float on being queen
drag yourself through dirt again
just to prove you real
garbage is a hell of drug
when you pretend to deal
so let’s get defensive
she runs her own life
so we can judge Nicki
for choosing a dud
a register sex offender
because her family is love.