Fountains and Punishment

If this is what you wanted
I’m dying on the floor
bound in all my past sins
forever to absorb
all the pain I’ve written
I’m lost and wanting more
more of some reprieve
I know of punishment
but I can hardly breathe
everything is dead here
and there is no escape
I am in the fountains
the rain has beat me down
if this is what you wanted
let me swallow and drown.

The morning after

Beware the morning after
the future before the storm
the overwhelming anthem
marking the past as Heavens door
ceilings faking inward the fire
burns through night
showering eyes with darkness
breaking unburdened sight
drink the moths of poison
bury the bodies beneath
beware the morning after
the warden of defeat.

Mirror of what came before

It’s the same
and yet
yet so completely
not again
but similar
still leaves my mind
searching for words
now that everything
is different
but all the same
old wounds
do not forget
the pain all in my skin
memory of flesh
but then
this time
it’s completely different
like night and day
but still we miss
we want to forget
under our skin
finger nails
and on our neck
makes the differences