Demi Lovato promotes sexual assault

Women think rape is funny
just like sexual assault
but only when it’s men
who are always at fault.
Women think it’s okay
to pay a woman of the night
to sexually assault the help-
it is her womanly right,
sends her to his room
she enters without permission
grabs him while he’s sleeping
but Demi owns this system
she’s a warrior who knows all
all about sexual assault
doesn’t need education
she flaunts all she has wrought
pays this man for protection
but doesn’t respect his agency
is this the truth about feminism
you’re empowered by the rape
the sexual assault of men
so we can pretend it is us
who live in fear each day?


Anti is the new pink

Grimes what a little girl
oh how she loves the world
oh an anti-capitalist
she knows how lucky she is
that fans
don’t really understand
that if
she’s truly an anti capitalist
that she
she’d be doing this
for free
and don’t you say
she has to make a living
you can stay
off the grid away from doing
what you hate
and so passionately
want to destroy
but see she’s playing
with her toys
she’s got a bank account
and cashes checks to pay the bills
she’s investigated
all her boyfriend’s union deals
pretend is fine
but when you take it
quite this far
oh yes you are
a hypocrite in clothe and garb
it’s all the same
you are the company you keep
lovers that you seek
you are an extension of these
because we are
we are what we surround
he hasn’t left this ground-but
my boyfriends like so cool now.

Freedom is Neon

Soul flickers
when that song comes on,
voice of an angel
hard weathered but won,
fire in the words
sung with true passion,
a message in a bottle-
speak truth with real action.
My soul flickers brightly
as neon lights sing
my world overflowing
with a new something
a power within me
I know I’ve always had
but a breaking of fear
that’s driven me mad
crazed by the fire
burning too bright
but when Neon sings
the fire it slows,
burning off visions
of what I must sow,
a work still in progress,
a life that burns glow-
a dream that runs deeper
than fear can ever go.

who is Mister X?

Thank you for the links,
thank you for the quotations-
I’d like to get your words
your thoughts on this creation
but a dialogue can happen
even if a short one
with a simple thank you
for inspiration to come.

Kanye West the Savior the black communities needs-not deserves

Slavery is a choice
in present day America
you choose to sell your voice
and keep yourself in chains
every black person enslaved
is another person freed
Harriet Tubman said it best
she could’ve saved them all
but many wouldn’t move
many fought to stay
we forget the slaves
that kept their masters safe
you say 400 years
it’s more like 93
depending on how you count
depends on what slavery means
Kanye had it right
and now everybody’s mad
refused to sell a lie
to enslave himself.

The many methods of living in recovery

Everybody is
a mental health expert
everybody does
psychologist grade work
everybody can
tell you how to cure it
just listen to Demi Lovato
she’s got the answers
let’s learn them!
Relapse is bad
not a reality of recovery
relapse is irresponsible,
we all should’ve seen this coming
a huge step back in the rhetoric.
It’s not about the relapse but
what you do after it,
everybody falls
but can you pick up the pieces?
If Demi Lovato thinks
relapse is not okay
maybe she should rethink
Red Bull as a choice-mmkay?
Because energy drinks are bad
for individuals living with bipolar
they are akin to Meth when
symptoms begin to take over.
Everybody thinks
they are a role model
but relapse is a real thing
living in fear is hard to swallow
if it happens to you
you will still wake up tomorrow
recovery is what you do
even after you fall
strength is in the choice
to begin all over again
relapse is okay
as long as it’s not your end.


You took the time
to give your humble opinion
so here is mine:
didn’t really need that admission
you actually took the time
to admonish my decision
but you didn’t think I had the mind
to read the words you had written
if we’re splitting hairs
you didn’t say the exact words
but aren’t we in agreement that
one thing is one thing
when putting trans first?
Don’t really understand
why you took the time to send
that really interesting DM
but thank you for the poetry
you have inspired in me
and remember I never said
they weren’t also wrong.

Thank you

Thank you for the kind words
thank you for your voice
such a motivator
to move on with my choice
so happy you enjoy my writing
so happy to read your words
thank you from the bottom
of my heart and my verse.

Real Feminist History

Pennies not dollars

They will come
know they will
when you speak of ethics and will
they will try and take your voice
you have more then just one choice
never silence ethics or beliefs
the ones who abuse power
will sow what they reap
never allow for pennies to fall
luck for a movement
luck for them all
but leaders don’t act as they preach
subtle abuse and manipulative speech
blame the soldiers
blame the guns
don’t let the leaders take the brunt
of the blame for their actions
leaders often don’t like factions.
Just keep moving
never shut up
for ethics mean more
than just showing love
if leaders don’t bleed
their speech and language
you can be certain they aren’t
worth your patreon patronage.