Before I go

Take me before I go
drive fast before we slow
wet skin all kinds of dope
take me before I choke
can’t look up now
just like a dog
I remember walking on that log
tripping through the water
skipping stones to get me higher
laughing like a troubadour
the kites in skies they set my fire
burning down what has begun
take me before it’s over
take me before I’m gone

Take it

Everybody take it
get on your knees and say
thank you for the raping
the violence that you gave
everybody smile
smile for the camera
take what you are given
the satisfying thrill
take it like you wanted it
like you do most everyday
be too afraid to shout out
or ever ever say
this isn’t what I wanted
this is not why I payed
now say thank you to the rapist
the violent and crude
say thank you to your abuser
the ones you gave in to
say thank you for your beating
and remember to smile wide
because you never ever complained
that the price was too very high
everybody take it
get on your knees tonight
you couldn’t get the courage
to either hide or fight
so take what you’ve been given
by living suicide
hang off the noose still breathing
as you pay to slowly die

Blood heirs

Take what you will
take what you can
before you discover
who I really am
before you see me
me as a threat
before you are begging
begging to forget
take what you will
take what you want
drop all the context
say what you got
are you looking
for a new shot
a way to make bullets
drip from my heart
take what you will
take what you want
before you discover
the wars I have fought
you don’t belong here
here where we stand
standing as family
you rip from my hand
take what you will
it’s all that I am
speak with context
say what you want
tell the whole world
its you they should want

Ready for a drink

Tell me are you ready
are you ready for me
bleed me fucking dry
drink what’s in my veins
you ready for the game
you ready for the ride
I’ll show you fucking crazy
I’ll show you a good time
you ready for the new world
you ready for my rhymes
ready for the alley cats
playing all the time
tell me if you got the secret
secret to unlock
drinking down my blood
be sure you don’t get lost.

Underneath the gold plating

Little black sheep
just go back to sleep
the world is better now
that your eyes are clouds
that you are off in dreamland
the sky in your head Is black
everything you’ve given
no you’ll never get it all back
sacrifice has taken
a toll on your poor soul
you were once the golden child
but the golds been taken hold
everyone now has a piece
again your wool is black
the little sheep once oh so sweet
is dead to all the hands
left for sleep the nightmares reign
you’re not family
you were just Novocain
Little black sheep
never wanted
you can’t get back
what you’ve wanted
little black sheep just go to sleep
once your dead they will weep.