Changes in confections

Changes will be coming
words have just begun
candy is much sweeter
when varied in its fun
soon there will be guests
and worlds I have designed
visuals I confess
hardly will be mine
but changes will be coming
new material and themes
please stand by-keep reading
I can’t wait to share these sweets.

Sweet tooth

I want sugar
sweet pleasure
on my tongue
everything candy
sugar coated gum
fairy floss and licorice
everything that’s decadent
taste of honey and or mint
something sweet upon my lips
give me what I want and need
sweet sugary candy treats
give me chocolate before I scream.


Oleander kisses
lollipop tongues
everything is brilliant
when it’s over done
indulge in what is tasty
sugar high times nine
dive into addictions
get lost inside the high