Under wings

Keep me under wings
keep me so I can’t run
find a place to hide
where I cannot see the sun
hide my eyes from everything
that conceives in light
keep me under wings
so I cannot fight
keep me in your embrace
keep me underfoot
I don’t want to stray
don’t know how to be good

Smoke it down

Smoke it down right now and see
we can’t bring the things that gleam
that dry the tides and sow the seeds
smoke it down and drown the dreams
keep the water from the heat
the steam that rises we can’t breathe
smoke it down
and take the pills
dream the dreams that save the world
bring the overwhelming heat
blast the sun the soul is weak
smoke it smoke it smoke it now
the clouds that cover break the ground
the earth is ending
the women have died
the man from the moon has left them dry
we can’t bring the things that shine
gleaming in the sad moonlight
hide the vest that holds you in
unlock the collar and smoke the rim
the edge of where it all began
the start of endings all too sad

Time keeper

Early in the morning after the sunset
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
the midnight taken over
the sunlight in our heads
like stars in our eyes
can’t trick us when we’re dead
after the sun rises
after the midnight sun
we begin the morning caffeinated fun
we drink our morning coffee
and get ourselves to bed
everything is set here
as a watch well timed
early in the morning after the sun rise
we can’t drink our coffee
we can’t go to bed
we don’t sleep too well
when everything’s in time again

Just breathing

And I can see it
the writing on the walls
they whisper sweet nothings
foretelling of falls
the words don’t make sense
but I know them all the same
you can’t see past
how the ending had come
you don’t know truth
you don’t know the sun
and I can see music
my eyes hear the song
you whisper nothing
just breathing all along

Holding the sun

Falling rather deeply
the feeling often sweetly
takes you by the knees
and breaks your heart
the world of our together
falls apart,
whether winter or in summer
blooming always hungers
for the versions of the sword
within your side,
feeling rather deeply
the mirror left so sweetly
reflecting the world still keeping
melodies and rhymes
upon the tongue
a world before the heavens
came undone
a moment before the spring
had held the sun.

Water is the sun

I lay beneath the water
I fall right back to sleep
I dream of what’s to come
like moonlight bathing me
tomorrow never ceases
to be right behind the door
I lay beneath the water
my heart is wanting more
I fall right back to sleep
dream of what’s to come
moonlight as my keeper
as water is the sun.


Little bleeding hearts
tiny useless hands
burning like a sun
creating who I am
a willow once on fire
burning as the sand
into glass my bones break
my eyes melt into my skull
little bleeding hearts shake
the ground you walk upon
tiny useless hands burn
my body comes to life
evening is weakness
in the evening of blight