I can’t keep on lying
pretending not to see
that I am not a victim
not victim of history
that my sex has never bent so
never bowed on bended knee
I can’t keep on lying
pretending to be weak
as if those who’ve come before me
never existed that way
I can’t keep on pretending
that my legacy is not strength
I am not a victim
and I’m taking that to my grave

In the darkness

I don’t want everything
don’t want to try
to do it all by myself
shoulder it with pride
I don’t want to be alone
I don’t want to hide
the fact that I’m lonely
in the middle of the night
I don’t find strength in it
and I don’t care to try
I’d rather be in love
let go of control
never really wanted
a true leading role
I don’t need to be
a hero or goddess
I just want someone
to hold in the darkness

The end of times

The weakest of the sexes
both bought and purchased methods
we are quite deceptive in our fear
the weakest of us we hold mostly dear
the product of our weakness and our care
double standards we don’t speak or share
our weakness is the power which you swear
life and blood and meaning to our hair
bones and flesh not offered but to snare
keep you in the dungeons of despair
the weakest of the sexes reside there
to take the entire world so unaware

Accept it’s over

How do you grow
how do you change
how do you find
the truth about strength
how do you grow
make your own name
if you just curl up
accept death as your fate
cry in a corner
let trauma have it’s due
never get over
don’t heal just take the roots
cut your own wrist
and finish what’s been started
die in the birth
of who you should be
but aren’t yet
how do you become
anything different
if you can’t grow
from what you have dealt with
how do change
become someone stronger
if you just lay down
don’t accept that it’s over?

Hiding from the larger creatures

Sitting very small
so small and not that strong
sitting very small and rather weak
you start to feel your skin may leave your feet
and if you move a limb you may be found
so small and weak you cannot move around
for larger creatures creep and moan
talk of eating up your bones
break them open
drink the marrow
sitting very small and soured
in the dark you’ll know the hour
that they come
this time don’t move
unless you have yet another tooth
for little creatures come and feast
as you sit motionless almost deceased
awaiting a much larger foe
it’ll be the little ones that kill your growth

Things Miss Piggy taught me

Who told you
you couldn’t
who taught you
to ask
who took away
your memory
and stole your
Who told you
you were weak
and taught you
you couldn’t?
When did
Miss Piggy
let anyone say
she shouldn’t?
When did we start
priding obedience-
can’t do a thing
unless someone says yes.
How did we get here
telling little girls
to be loud but polite
asking for permission
to start the good fight
pretend that feminism
started it all
sing another empty anthem
another generic pop song
another stupid message
that the world won’t change.
Pretend that you’re strong
while you sell that ass
on stage
don’t believe Demi
and definitely not Xtina
the world keeps on changing
though girls never needed
we already did
the empowerment thing
Spice Girls existed
and so does the British Queen.
Who told you you couldn’t
and why do you need
another fucking person
to tell you your worth it,
write out your life plan
and tell you what works if-
you might play edgy
but the truth often hurts-
who ever told you
you couldn’t thrive?
still you make the choice
to obey and abide-
Miss Piggy taught girls
to work towards
their dreams
to know that success
is where they want to be,
never let Gonzo
get out of hand
accept kicking ass
and loving romance.

When words wound

This offends me but not him
I am oppressed so I win
I don’t like the things you love
I don’t like the words made up
I hate apes because they’re racist
I hate dogs because of bitches
I hate dikes because it’s offensive
this is life but I have objections
this offends me so give me protections
what ever happened to dealing with it
proving them wrong and turning it quick
finish the insult they have begun
don’t listen to haters just reach for the sun
we’ve made excuses out of offense
we no longer battle we ask permission
we are not strong, empowered or woke
we just gave in and became our own joke.

Woody and Selena

Here come the wolves
here comes the blood
we’re in for fun
when we turn a blind eye
to the ones who we love.
Oh-girl you look like a cherub
all cheeks and a smile to cherish
but your dancing for-
but your acting for
a monster.
Do you adore him?
Think he’ll lead you to your moment
back on top-is that what your hoping
but you got lost in the game
dance, dance, dance
your way to authentic fame
the kind you don’t want, but
Woody Allen would pay
get you that trophy-
that golden statue to display.
Do you really think you walk free
without blame?
When the wolves come to feed
when the wounds begin to bleed
you’ll know Selena Gomez
enabled the fiends.

Creeper and Brave

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Another pedophile
by our heroines side
fighting all the demons
witch hunt with pride
but when the victims a child
this business-not mine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Sweet and gentle-
yeah, a really good guy
who just happens to be
convicted of a crime
having been very generous
with his flesh and his time
abused a young boy
but to our heroine-it’s fine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
A bunch of hypocrites
who run from real fights
can’t protect the kids
no, they just hide
protect the demons that pay
yes, protect the demons they like.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Find there’s no difference
in the monsters this time
that evil is human
regardless of face
that evil is human
regardless of taste.