Kill the preacher

Kill the preacher
don’t let it go
take what’s been given
take the old soul
drink in the madness
take out the king
given to things
always unseen
kill the priest
and break the mother
keep yourself
all under covers
dressed in sheets
all made of black
white is gone
no coming back
rip angels from the sky
rip their wings
no longer high
kill the preacher
make him dead
take what’s been given
take what’s left

Melt my soul

Goodbye my darling
it’s time for me to go
don’t cry my darling
your tears could melt my soul
I know that your hurting
that’s why I have to leave
goodbye my lover
please forget about me
it’s time for me to go now
time to say goodbye
I don’t want to hurt you
I no longer want to lie
goodbye my dearest darling
don’t cry for me tonight
your tears could melt my snow
drown everything we figured out
stop ourselves from growth

Traverse in silence

Dead in the darkness
traverse in silence
the soul drowns the highest
in skies that fall down
dead is the body
never to be found
caskets give nothing
now isn’t that profound
I can speak riddles
tell you I’m sane
but here in the darkness
do you know your name
drowning the souls
to wash them right clean
the difficult barren
that’s done claiming me
dead in the hollows
the darkness it seeps
are you really crazy
when it’s sanity you seek

Withered needs

Too much on my head
I got too much on my brain
it’s all drinking up my soul
zapping energy
can’t think too much about it
can’t write a single verse
got rhymes inside my head space
got monsters to be birthed
but everything is stuck there
a flood with no movement
I can barely breathe here
in the stagnation of the pen
realities have conquered
and sent me right to sleep
but the dreams I have intensive
breaking down my withered needs

Flesh turns to mud

I can’t take the nightmares
the breaking of my back
I can’t think for nothing
drowning in my bath
the tub is filled with tears
and I can’t scream for nothing
my voice shadowed by my fears
drowning in the water
I drink until I’m done
soul returns to cloud
flesh turns to mud

Boils cold

Ringing in my ears
screaming in my eyes
tears they often decay
grow cold and break apart
brittle as they are
they fall like shooting stars
burning in the night
my skin they often ride
ringing in my ears
bleeding through my eyes
here the midnight comes
burning through my sight
brittle as these bones
take apart the soul
a moment carved in stone
the blood it boils cold.

Can’t get clean

Take me down to the river
wash my soul until it’s done
when the sun finally comes up
I’ll be cleansed and overcome
the world will drip it
like blood from fresh cut bone
the moments in between
will drive you to the stone
the graveyard all but empty
the childless will breath
the only moments left here
and the ones you can’t get clean