Leave Paris alone

I don’t want to cry
record a video and sigh
sigh while losing my mind
why do we want Paris to die?
Egging on suicide
keep reporting until she tries
let her go just like the truth
we don’t want facts
or even proof
I don’t want to be so upset
but this begging for suicide
I don’t get
why we want to see her fall
would her death pacify us all?
Would we feel like it is proof
facts and all the fucking truth
a guarantee her father was bad
that he in fact was a horrible man
would her suicide make it better?
Say goodbye to goodwill forever
let’s all just take a bow
it’s time that we knock out
waiting for a young woman to die
this ain’t the world we should invite
awaiting suicide
is this how we want to survive?
Placate and say we tried
no we tried to get her to die
to slit wrist and say goodbye
will we report the facts this time?
I don’t want to cry and repeat
but this reminds me of Brittney
so I’ll write what I do say
leave Paris alone
this isn’t okay.
Stop begging for suicide
for her to relapse and want to die
for a young woman to show
all signs of letting go
leave Paris alone
but we know the headlines won’t
so why don’t we all just admit
we want drama with no news in it.


Through the walls
we hear you
the grieving in your beds
screaming at your children
fighting over head
through the walls
we know you
as cowards and as thieves
laughter turns to violence
and crying turns to screams
it may all be happening
through the walls
it could be seen
or maybe it’s just nothing
all images in my head
through the walls is something
very different
it all could be a fever dream
or worse than we’d expect
through the walls is humanity
in all its happenstance

Starving the cat

She speaks of diamonds
she’s drinking up pearls
a powerful anthem
for all the little girls
women can sing it
and be not afraid
she’s so materialistic
with not much in brain
she’s speaking of diamonds
eating her cake
she’ll laugh when we die here
and lick off your plate
a powerful anthem
a ballad of truth
money is power
it’s the rich who’ll eat you
she speaks of diamonds
while drinking up pearls
if this is empowerment
the poor all submit
if you got some problems
you should probably quit
she speaks of diamonds
she’s drinking up pearls
empowered by money
and ripe for the juice
is this empowerment
or just selfish trash
like eating your cake
and starving the cat

Just forget about it

Forget the rainy days
and walking through the park
every corners dangerous
every street is dark
the world is overflowing
with evil in strange amounts
we’ve never had these problems
humanity already figured out
how to light the darkness
and do away with crime
pedophiles didn’t exist
until the changing of time
we’d all like to forget
that evils all around
that humans make bad choices
we aren’t very special
are we now?

Simon says

Simon says to play
to play all day and take
take all the me time
remember selfish is not a crime
it’s good to relax and be
yourself no matter the need
the setting or the song
we don’t need to get along
Simon says don’t laugh
don’t think about the bad
look to what we have solved
through tantrums and join the mob
Simon says to make the day
better and special to stay
all safety and joy can be yours
but Simon keeps that last from words.

Between Stefani and Selena

There’s an excuse for everything
a shutdown switch baby
you pull that lever sweet
drop the anvil and we scream
there’s an excuse for everything
working with a man
everyone says was bad
the project purifying
you thought your career was dying
so we blame it on our health
it’s mental just as well
can’t question what I sell
never it’s my trauma that is felt
there’s an excuse for everything
like selling wedding rings
do what you want with my body baby
and sing with a child rapist
I let him in just a little bit
there’s an excuse in this that’s it
blame it on my mental health
the universe is curious this time as well

We need to do better

We need to do better-
no, shit.
We need to do better-
than quit!
We need to do better-
but we just keep talking
we just keep walking
We need to do better-
just stop!
We need to do better
it’s all talk,
won’t name the problem
just walk
act all remorseful
but don’t
don’t name the problem
we won’t.
We need to do better-
name the fucking problem
and then
change the way you think
and let
let the truth set in
we protect those that commit
acts of child of molestation,
child rapist and then
we need to do better-
We protect adults the best
keep the monsters living
and tell the children
they’re healing.
We need to do better,
we forget who we are
we used to love children
but those moments are gone-
feed them to demons
protect what is wrong
we need to do better
but we do not see
we take the steps
to look away
facing the problem
we must maintain
look at the devil
say it’s real name
then sacrifice the ones
who commit to evil
we need to do better
we really do
we need to do more
than just say that we do.

A boy like brother

Let’s get defensive
let’s get mean
let’s talk about reality
you wanna excuse
excuse behaviors
is it cause your brother
or just the new dick savior?
Nicki feeling thirsty
got that cheap on the brain
wants to get defensive
he was just fifteen
forget about the manslaughter
just float on being queen
drag yourself through dirt again
just to prove you real
garbage is a hell of drug
when you pretend to deal
so let’s get defensive
she runs her own life
so we can judge Nicki
for choosing a dud
a register sex offender
because her family is love.

What Natalie Portman was really talking about

Messages-so many messages
got the girls screaming,
got the women leaning
on walls to catch their breath,
confusion is the anti-drug
that leaves our lives bereft.
We can’t get to dreaming,
we can’t get to life,
we just live in bewilderment-
confused unable to thrive.
Women and girls get conflicting
conflicting messages all the time
from media that tells us one thing
while the other thing exist alongside
so we can’t accept the reality
because girls and women get confused
like a virgin in a bikini
it leaves a girl with nothing to do
but cringe and think about
how it makes her feel
that a girl could wear a bikini
and be a virgin too
it’s just that feminist has all
the girls and women confused
society says one thing
but they say that we choose
a feminist lives to tell you
it’s a bikini or virtue


Got so bored with luxury
society don’t mean a thing honey
bleeding from our boogie sores
we do dumb shit
when we get bored
like make a thing of politics
create merchandise
hashtags and trip
drink the mix that’s burning hot
Flaming Moe our tropes all caught
intoxicate before its lost
we throw tantrums just to shout
we get off on Tragedy’s mouth
do dumb shit just for show
want to cry yeah we love to scream
growing don’t mean a thing no more
everything is shades of grey
we want any reason to look away
gold is blinding don’t you read
fools endeavour to make believe
live a life oh so pretend
got so bored with luxury
we do dumb shit when we can’t see
hit the walls our heads will bleed
bleed all over marble floors
we do dumb shit when we get bored