In the interesting universe of Selena Gomez

And she said I don’t know him
I don’t know about that situation
so I just separate-
I separate the pedophile
from the work it’s true
even though it’s in his title
he directs my every move
I just play a part you see
I don’t know-no not a damn thing,
don’t you think the universe
is interesting?
It’s interesting how I claim to
believe in God
it’s interesting that I speak of
justice at all
but even though it’s a long known secret-
one in which we know
no one’s been keeping-
bring up the news of today
and then just say
I separate-
he’s an abuser but I took the job
he’ll get critical acclaim
but I’ll separate my part
pretend that my silence isn’t supporting
pedophilia at all

The new critical thinking

Right is left
and red is blue
life is death
and all is true;
two plus two
equals fish
a woman truly
can have a dick
up is down
and hungry high
live like mermaids
in the sky
absurdism never dies
the Millennials have
Up is lobster
cost is rub
milk is honey
summer love
this world’s gone
straight to the bells
the history of pork loin
shall prevail.

I see the light!

Have you heard about this?
The woke misogynist
apparently a man just presenting
as a feminist.
Wears a pussy hat
while marching with the chicks
just a wolf in sheep’s clothing
not a product of the rhetoric.
Has read more feminist literature
than a pioneer riot girl,
than an academic scholar,
than the writer and the author-
understands the mission statement
can repeat it-
no hesitation.
Basically the poster child
of the movement
in denial-
no more blood-too infantile
this should show the truth
through guile
woken up, but still on fire-
female feminist: the ‘woke’ pariah-
akin to ‘woke’ misogynist,
where do you think they learnt that rhetoric?

Cut off your tits

Feminism has taught me;
women are weak,
a product of a harsh society,
victims of their own biology,
never surpassing what’s meant to be?
Feminism sold me
a story not my own, see?
Raised on strength and knowing
that I make my own way.
That’s what my father taught me
don’t take this the wrong way-women beat me mostly.
Telling me I’m not queen
they didn’t even want me
a product of their own team!
My gender disowned me.
But I should play the old way?
I should love the words you say?
Raging statistics that just aren’t true!
Paid cents to his dollars
a vain pursuit
chivalry is dead
whoop de doo
until you know you’re on a date?
Feminist expects the man to pay.
Free the nipple but don’t sexualize-take his top off
he’s just a guy!
These double standards
are just fucking lies!
Not even standards just a blatant disguise
women are the majority
but we still feel victimized?
You keep the theory
I’ll keep my pride.
Feminists have told me-
cut off my tits
just because I’m not
buying their shit?
Feminist should turn in their cunts and their breast
you don’t what being a woman truly is.