Doves and blue birds

Birds open a window pane
words that kill before they maime
wonderful we thought at once
broken down no time to trust
in the meadows blue birds call
falling from the trees they’re gone
birds that fly and flee astray
lost upon a window pane
heard the voices
heard the doves
I don’t love it it’s not enough
words that silence all of us
birds they flutter than they fly
don’t know how to sleep tonight

Just want to sleep

I just want to sleep
so tired don’t want to eat
lurking underneath my bed
I keep myself there instead
the sheets they are my covers
transparent I discover
every dream is broken
shattered from the smoke
and every time it breaks
we make ten more mistakes
I just want to sleep
sleep and never weep
the dreams won’t come again
I’m lost and dead my friend


I think I think too much
and keep myself in touch
with the bitterness
and taste that comes with it
stuck upon my tongue
clogging up my lungs
I think these thoughts
might strangle
keep my hair in tangles
dancing through my teeth
I hope I can not sleep
thoughts that turn to dreams
nightmares when I think

Reality makes

I don’t want dreams
I don’t want things
all that I crave is up sleep
chain me uneven
break me when not needed
keep calling back to you
for reasons
I don’t want nice things
I don’t like pleasant dreams
I just want death to
be kind to me
keep me ever on the rope
tighten my grip on hope
never really let me go
I’m already insane
I don’t want to sleep here
no more dreams near
left for the rear mirror
to see the shadow standing still
keep me out and then fulfill
everything I never asked for
hollowed down and out more
I don’t want no dreams or things
nice enough or broken dreams
I just want the truth today
tell me what reality makes

Take away

Take the spite away
take the rage I cage
I just want to feel
relief from what’s not real
all my life I ponder
thought at once I’d wander
drive until I sleep
somewhere new and free
chained myself by fear
faith I thought held dear
but all my words were empty
I wish I had the time
memory of wine
blood that kept me clean
take away the screams
keep the shame at bay
Oh Lord I feel insane

Always clean

I don’t want to drink today
I just want to sleep
keep the demons all at bay
keep the monsters clean
never forget the drinks we made
never forget the promises
I don’t want to think today
I just want the moments
life is living in the sky
never waking up
I just want to sleep all day
keep on dreaming on
I just want to dance and play
I just want to sleep
keep the monsters in my mind
never hidden but always clean