Wander alone

Left to wander alone in this cage
broken by hours left in a rage
pacing like an animal
screaming like a ghoul
I no longer have anything to hold on too
left to wander alone in the dark
cold by myself
loneliness an art
everything is black
and everything is sin
left to wander alone in this skin


I sit inside this teacup
boiling off the sugars
the cream upon my skin
dripping off of shoulders
back into the water
sitting on the rim
everything is crystal
while I am porcelain
I sit inside the water
the teacup overflows
everything I am
now we’re in the cold
I sit inside this teacup
and drink myself to death
inside all of me
is all that I have left


I want to be tangled in her tongue
drunk off words and lungs
the air you can’t keep up
the sounds a lot too much
and everything is skin here
everything is flesh
the kind of floral pattern
that burns beneath the chest
that runs away with vision
keeps you tangled in the night
the tongue that keeps you healed
drunk off her lips insight


Surrounded by the mist
the grey smog underneath
the skin that crawls and wrinkles
surrounded by the fingers
that twist and pull apart
drank the drink of wiser men
clouds that tear and shatter blend
surrounded by the gift of dreams
the billowing smoke
the skin beneath
surrounded by the oceans wide
the blood that fills it leaves the eyes
surrounded by the fog in me
underneath the skin that sings
mist that twist and turns around
amongst the underneath
we find the ground


Pour the powder in the eye
bleed the wrist ’til arm is dry
burn the hair and pluck the lashes
wish for more time if you haven’t
tear the lips and clean the gums
we will soon be having fun
light the powder with burning hair
take the flesh so unaware
peel it back and drain the fat
the day has come
and you have passed
take the teeth and cook the back
the body gone repurposed at that

I won’t

I won’t bleed again
though you’re beneath my skin
the essence of my soul
though this has made me whole
I won’t bleed for this
mistakes upon your lips
the stains in which do twitch
from constant use and stress
break me if you can
I still won’t sink in sand.

Clean drinking water

Words trickle down my finger tips
drinking up the water it’s a sin
screams that often grow there are within
words just trickle right out of the skin
flesh not the best method to keep them in
words they trickle down and then within
drinking of its water now that’s a sin
repeating all the lies that grow within
words trickle down to feet and now begin
out of lips they sin no longer drinking anything
words trickle from the lips as water washes everything
words trickle down my finger tips
drinking of it’s water now that’s a sin
words trickle out of lips then back again
screams that often grow there are within
water washes everything from lips that drink the sin clean

All I’ve been

In the midst of the deep ocean all I see is black
a world beneath what’s been forgotten to which I can’t turn back
a mess of mind and soul in tatters everything is cracked
I cannot move for lack of vision my body is the sand
deep within the darkest ocean I’ve been driven mad
still I’m breathing no longer living forgotten what I am
a world beneath what’s been forgotten an ocean dark and then
the world beneath is filled with light no longer empty seas
I no longer see the black but the light has blinded me
forgotten still what was before I no longer feel my skin
sand consumes the driving force beneath the waters land
in the midst of the deep ocean all I know is gone
broken lost once forever forgotten all I’ve been