Champagne singing

Tell me what you see
inside the pink champagne
tell me all the bubbles sing
drink the sound away
and dance until the morning comes
the light begins to sway
dreaming in the honeycomb
the milk and flowers pray
tell me what you see inside
the golden ring displayed
the pink champagne and bubbles clear
the sound of singing can be heard
tell me what you know
do you see the sunshine bleeding
the flowers never grow

Blue birds

Blue birds singing
right before the bullet bleeds
tiny animals fleeing
they just know they want to breathe
blue birds singing
though you’ll never hear that song again
time is leering
wondering who will let go
blue birds singing
but we know the sound is silence
the bullets ringing
fire down before we scream
blue birds singing
the annoying sound now just a breeze
mist of blood
and feathers make up all you see

Clowns in my head

I forget to take my medicine
forget to tell myself the date
I forget to take my medicine
the world falls slowly out of place
and then I’m in this mess again
I’m drowning just the same
burning into cinders
underwater and under sun
running in small circles
forgot my medicine
regretting the fun to happen
like the clowns in my head
singing ever singing
drowning deeper just because
I forget to take my medicine
and don’t get out of bed
not really sure how long it’s been
but the clowns are still in my head

The thing about royalty

Little singing princesses
singing lullabies
dancing for the audience
acting in surprise
little singing princesses
dressed in red and white
creating waves of pink
swirling before their eyes
everybody’s clapping
smiling real wide
singing little princesses
give the crowd a ride
everything is better
with these girls on the nine
singing lullabies
and working for applause
little singing princesses
working for the cause