Twisted higher than before
the rope it holds you ever more
keeps you knocking on my door
keeps me always feeling sore
twisted once again
higher than within
a different colored sin
pastels to that black again
keeps you always wanting it
twisted higher than before
breaking off what isn’t torn
everything in place
you know I crave the taste

Wander alone

Left to wander alone in this cage
broken by hours left in a rage
pacing like an animal
screaming like a ghoul
I no longer have anything to hold on too
left to wander alone in the dark
cold by myself
loneliness an art
everything is black
and everything is sin
left to wander alone in this skin

Pretty little dresses

Pretty little dresses
all done up in lace
couldn’t kill a nothing
couldn’t keep the pace
dancing in ballet shoes
swinging from the gates
pretty little dresses
pretty little face
eyes all done up screaming
never feeling safe
the room is all but porcelain
fragile like my heart
cannot see beyond my hand
my nose is growing thin
pretty little dresses
hiding pretty little sins


Back hand me once again
I don’t think it’s much like sin
keep it coming I know me
the pattern that I want not see
slap me down and keep me over
under headboards and in clovers
I don’t think it’s all that bad
keep me in the grip of hands
I don’t like the utterings
keep those fists all over me
if it hurts I know it’s love
keep me in the grips above