Dirty floors

I don’t want to speak no more
keep finding words left on the floor
context riddled with excuses
half hearted and most obtuse when
I don’t want to clean them up
don’t want to speak
I’ve had enough
no one listens
no one cares
my floors are dirty
too many words to share

Doves and blue birds

Birds open a window pane
words that kill before they maime
wonderful we thought at once
broken down no time to trust
in the meadows blue birds call
falling from the trees they’re gone
birds that fly and flee astray
lost upon a window pane
heard the voices
heard the doves
I don’t love it it’s not enough
words that silence all of us
birds they flutter than they fly
don’t know how to sleep tonight

Relaxing things

Blue blossoms and dreams
such nice relaxing things
demons don’t tread
don’t hear the words not said
red is for blood
and purple for the roses
everything is fine here
everything is clear
we float to the sky dear
we float all the way
we won’t come back down
no safety is where we stay
where everything is silence
everything is clear
don’t be speaking lies
don’t be so damn near

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t really matter
at least I guess to me
we don’t really need to discuss it
guess it didn’t mean a thing
frustrated and lonely
but never say a word
once it escapes lips
it always goes unheard
we don’t really need to discuss it
don’t need to see eye to eye
at least it’s done and over with
not something lingering on tonight
something that I can’t forget
or even try to hide
at least it doesn’t matter
as the silence takes my pride

Down deep

don’t think
don’t speak
just keep it silent
keep your lips shut
don’t think about it
it won’t be enough
the blue bells whistle
and then they stop
don’t know how to get it off
like a cold rain on hot day
on the sidewalk
stop and think change
don’t forget to breathe
but don’t ever speak
keep those lips shut
keep the thoughts
down deep

Broken pages

Pages in the wind everything is broken
nobody will scream or even really think of
anything to say when everything is gone
silence is the mantra of the exhausted mob
pages in the wind like whispers to your ears
everything is faded gifted through the years
nobody will scream or even really think to
everything is broken no one gets a redo


Let’s come out and say it
the abuse is a lie
she isn’t crying
she’s laughing inside
we know the victims
and even when we don’t
why believe everyone
this world is a joke
pointing a whole hand
screaming in the dark
let’s come out and say it
we know it when we hear
the world can keep a timeline
the world can know a year
not everyone’s a liar
not everyone tells the truth
that’s why facts are important
and feelings often mute

The characters

The characters
they get real quiet
don’t know much
I’m undecided
can’t pick up the pen
I’m so divided
on what I should do
and what I want
wish I could
just blow it off
but the characters
they drive the plot
through undo silence
threaten with
forgetful violence
the kind that kills
like an eraser
threatens to die
or forget the players
end the story
without an ending
they get real quiet
and they don’t grow
the story ends
without a show

Blue birds

Blue birds singing
right before the bullet bleeds
tiny animals fleeing
they just know they want to breathe
blue birds singing
though you’ll never hear that song again
time is leering
wondering who will let go
blue birds singing
but we know the sound is silence
the bullets ringing
fire down before we scream
blue birds singing
the annoying sound now just a breeze
mist of blood
and feathers make up all you see