The slow break

I’m sick and twisted
over moderately disturbed
but when you miss it
you’ll just make it worse
don’t dismiss it
just sit and listen
if you can’t hear me
then just get lost
because every single second
is a second cost
and every single moment
I remember it all
mind will play its tricks you see
I will remember everything
but nothing is what it seems
no, I can see what’s happening
I am sick
my mind is twisted
part of why
I can’t feel this love
it is gone as I am ill
one day soon I’ll know
how loss feels


Underneath the flesh
underneath the teeth
the nails you bite
the blood that bleeds
flooding all that’s underneath
makes you sick
and question self
disgusted by
what rots in hell
demons feast off what we’ve lost
the discarded waste and undiscussed
broken skin and shattered spine
won’t go out look at them dine
teeth that gnash but never cut through
underneath the sickest virtue
you have licked the boot beneath
broken nail and gnashed your teeth
kiss and drink the blood abound
you can hate it drink it down