Down deep

don’t think
don’t speak
just keep it silent
keep your lips shut
don’t think about it
it won’t be enough
the blue bells whistle
and then they stop
don’t know how to get it off
like a cold rain on hot day
on the sidewalk
stop and think change
don’t forget to breathe
but don’t ever speak
keep those lips shut
keep the thoughts
down deep

Slut: one who uses sex to hurt others and/or themselves.

I fucked the president
got paid to seal my lips
but opened them within seconds
guess that’s what a porn star is
fucked a married man
because he’s got green-
I make money pretend to be queen
but I still got down with anothers man
wore my crown on his head
but he had a newborn and even a wife
is the story a cheating billionaire
or the whore that just might
get a second chance at washed up fame
he may be a cheater
but your a scavenger not a saint
the only victim here
is the woman you betrayed
so next time you think-
I fucked the president
maybe you should remember
what a slut really is.