From the land of the rising sun-
to the shore of Liberation
we bring you

This exotic beauty
Will. Take. Your. Soul.

Watch your back if she disrobes
the last thing you’ll see is
A. Mouth. Full. Of. Black.

This rope bound courtesan
will pleasure her self to
Your. Death.

When the mouse hunts the cat

Cindy Owens plays on the tiny retro t.v. under her desk the library dead. Tonight we find the little mouse Lisa her platinum bangs disheveled over round silver frames. She’s getting frustrated “the Vero Alpha struck again last night!” she continued to stamp the returns with a huff tossing them more violently into the cart behind her “this time the victims-poor souls-were police officers in the Riverside District. Their names are being withheld out of respect for the families, but the hearts of the Network are with them. Here’s the still of this elusive Vero”. She dared looking at the screen as the crowds cheers turned to a mix of sound distortion a scantily clad woman standing over the officers. She had a printed fur bra and skirt with calf high leather boots her mask the visage of a spotted hyena the image made her sick. The audiences mixed reaction cause hot tears to well in our book worms eyes her cheeks red with fury as she attempts to lift a rather heavy text up from the return pile. “Some have labeled this woman a Vero but others have called her a criminal what do you think?” Cindy began her audience run finding a young woman who grabbed the mic excitingly
“O-M-G she’s totally a Vero! So empowering!” the girl began jumping wildly with her friends.
“Oooh empowering bold wor-” BAM! The Librarian has had enough as the large text smashes her fingers. “Oww!” As she waves her burning fingers in the air Cindy Owens is shut off.
“My!” she exclaims turning toward the attacking b tome it’s cover painted in dust “how’d you get out?” recognizing the book as an artifact she blows the dust away. Embellished and bordered extravagantly the center focus of the cover titled Columbia: the statue of liberty with the visage of Columbia imposing her justice.
“Veros… Just vigilantes murdering freedom!” fist slam on the table “Alpha… you-you’re time is done.” with lightening in her eyes the tiny school girl like librarian runs to the archives grabbing the banned dark age flags and show needles. “You’re time is up!” with a boom of thunder Lisa cackles visions of grand ol’Columbia in her head.

Preparing for war

Her life in ruin Cassi Castillo is out for blood. Driving down the highway truck bed filled with toys, visions of blood, her daughter’s laughter and the sound of her name from his lips plaguing her thoughts “Frank… you bastard” she growls “you killed us all” black lips curl into a manic smile. “You killed us all baby!” pedal kisses floor as she takes a sharp right off the highway into the woods. “Somebody’s gonna die baby! A lot a somebody’s gonna die!” her brown eyes wide with rage. Two well worked well manicured hands clutch the wheel as the truck spins out. Enjoying the ride our little thrill seeker’s grin breaks into hysteria as the radio clicks on- “leaving both bodies behind Cassandra ‘Cassi’ Castillo fled the scene. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous citizens in the Marina District and surrounding areas are asked to use caution and call emergency services if you see anything out of the ordinary. Authorities are asking that anyone with any information contact-” fist hits the stereo off as the truck halts. At her destination the grey begins to build preparing for war and mayhem. “Frank baby, I’m gonna make you proud” her ear perks, a green flicker catches her eye, a rocket launcher in reach. One missile, one target, big boom.
“I’m gonna make them pay!” her eyes a lit with the light of the planes burning remains.

Fortune teller

Tonight, we catch our witch working the crystal ball.
“Tell me your desire” a green glow under funeral attire ask as this FREAK works the room each crackled molecule playing right to get the groove. “Tell me why” the funeral brides head rises toxic hands circling the crystal “you’ve come too me” her voice a hiss a seriously sinister miss.
She’s got a flapper in her chair. The gals beard behind his broad. And she speaks “I um” swallows gripping his hand over her shoulder normals never felt more combustible than amongst Wicked’s green. “I want tonight’s prize” her face hardens a pretty miss now a sour apple. “I want… Sandi Olsen out of the way-can you make that happen?” she finished quickly in a whisper catching her breath.
Wicked rumbles a laugh our green lady working the lights “AHA! it’s always jealousy my friend! Pay the price and done is your deed!” the words end in a growl. Long black nails tapping on the glass ball green eyes gleaming from behind the veil.
The dame gasp throwing cash at the FREAK “I expect results! Come on Jimmy!” she pushes herself and Jimmy out stammering her words, tripping over herself as they fled.
Wicked sighed her glowing green flesh calming losing the fluorescence, but keeping the color. Counting the bills; one, two, three “Sandi Olsen so mote it be”.

All in a nights work

We find our powerful duo… working?
Yes, working.
Tonight we find our heroines working with sweet little pocket surrounded by a circle of John’s. Dressed in hot pink as a prima ballerina she giggled excessively “take’em out daddy’s I like to see ’em grow!” moans and dicks asides the show is just getting started outside the party room.
Our bombastic Butch stands guard on the other side of the door listening to her Barbie tantalize. One of the ousted John’s gets testy as the jeers get louder the treat about to get tasty “you-yo” the quarter back slurps smacking lips before trying to rise out of the low armchair “goonn you guna let me in” he finally gets to his feet.
Our sharp dressed bulldog cocked an eyebrow, grunting a no, and meeting his drunken gaze through her shades. Without another word the mound of meat flesh kicked back like an animal and charged. With the power of a sumo Butch smashed down catching the man throwing him back into his seat. His skull thrown back a crack could be heard our bodyguard gave a satisfied snort.
The door opens then our heroines back together as Polly hiccups “you too?” beyond the door the bukkake circle was left bleeding from severed cocks and necks.

Polly and Butch

All you baddies better listen good-
there’s a new Barbie in town
and she’s gonna
Fuck. You. Up.

And this pretty little pocket
doesn’t roll with no Ken!
Better watch your back
before Butch
Takes. Your. Head.

One plastic, one tank-
the perfect combination of
brutality, blood, and sex
these ladies will
Make. You. Dead.

Late night

“So, we’ve got to talk about this!” the screen behind our host flashes to a blurry green face the crowd goes wild “I know! I know! I can’t decide either-make up or FREAK? What’d you all think?” Our spunky host bounces out of her armchair and trots to the audience as they scream make up and FREAK in a flurry of sound. She puts the mic to an older well to do lady “FREAK!” the lady yells her mail order jewelry clanging as she claps frantically. Our host maneuvers to a younger more flavored guest “make up! It’s gotta be!” the girl smiles shaking her head and working it for the camera.
“Why do you say that?”
“I don’t believe in FREAKS!” half of the crowd wails in agreement the other boos.
“Okay okay let her talk” the host coos.
“I haven’t seen one but war tech? Come on! Its tech parading as magic!” the crowd begins clapping and hooting wildly the speaker joins leaving the host to the mic.
“Alright, alright, I can get behind that the news did say the victims-poor man and wife-died from a powerful but small explosion so a piece of war tech? Maybe.” the crowd seems conflicted as she prances to her armchair sitting delicately before continuing “let’s watch!” she turns her back to the audience facing the screen gasp are heard from the audience as she turns quickly back “you know I got it” claps, then silence as the screen shows;
A figure clad in black, face hidden by the brim of a black hat-man screams the figure turns “yeah you!” a man stands in front of an angry looking woman dressed in a 20s flapper get-up (our host comments that the pair had attended the Antiques Gala) “you owe my lady!” the figure turns completely face coming into view glowing green “you-you-do-”
The angry flapper interjects “you promised results witch!” her delicate heel slammed onto the wet concrete as frail arm shot out over his shoulder. “FRE-” before the word could be utter the cameras sound disrupts as the image shakes the green glow flashes as the scene flattens. The figures clothes settled as does the dust the couple is out cold head down the figure walks out of frame.
Our host turns to the audience “there you go, FREAK or make up? I don’t know, can’t say, you decide let me know on social media! Thank you everybody! I’m Cindy Owen’s! Goodnight!”

Steal from me

In the lab some scientist find themselves up against a desk. For Betty quite literally. “You know, I’ve always wanted a pet.” the colleague drooled over the very docile pink haired hottie “Stem is so mean for keeping you away” he pushed himself in between her legs, feet now off the ground, one pretty little heel falling down.
She pushed weakly “no…” she breathed, did he think it was a sign?
The man pulled her by the lab coat his fat sweaty lips move in-
“Mean!? HA HA HA” finally the heroine appears-her laugh ripping her binds. Ample breast bursting through her pale blue button up hitting the pigs face as he meets the cleavage head on. “Steal from me!? AHA HA HA HA! DIE!” with elegant parting words this hero slams a monitor-wait-yes a monitor into his skull! Bashing down again and again this sexy manic laughs her way into ecstasy. She looked upon Betty with satiated eyes “all safe.” then gazed into the security camera with a wink.

Girls on the train

A pair of girls sit directly in front of our heroine discussing the nights performances-the newsreels couldn’t get enough! “Oh. My. God. Did you hear about” in a whisper “the murders? In Mission no less” she seemed giddy, most young girls were, unprecedented city fame!
Her counterpart let out a giggle leaning in “I know!” louder than expected the girl looked around making a quick glance behind her seeing our heroines face planted in a book. “They were saying she took out-”
The leader cut off her friend “five! Five guys without weapons-”
The conversation struggle began “they said her nails are like knives-“talk about diamond polish” they laughed before the leader insisted on retelling the tale.
“They did she followed the men home, they were, like coming from a work party or something. All drunk they stumbled into an alley or something confused they just stood there trying to figure out where they were. So, like, standing in this alley asking” in her best male voice “‘ughhh where are we?’ ‘huh huh huh gulp’ you know a drunk laugh or something” back to normal voice “then they hear the click, click, click of heels one of the men just hoots loudly thinking he’s funny or something the clicks get closer then silence- then BAM!” she yells loudly startling the entire train cart lowering her voice immediately continuing “she’s on top of them. They say she fights like a hyena ripping out the throats of the five men in an elegant violent twirl-the reports say she cackled like one. She left their bodies in a bloody circle their throats ripped out their hearts gone-” the train slows. Their ride over.
Her friend takes a deepĀ  then sighs “they must have been…”
“Bad men” our heroine smiles as she passes their seats a small smile on her red, red lips.