Clean drinking water

Words trickle down my finger tips
drinking up the water it’s a sin
screams that often grow there are within
words just trickle right out of the skin
flesh not the best method to keep them in
words they trickle down and then within
drinking of its water now that’s a sin
repeating all the lies that grow within
words trickle down to feet and now begin
out of lips they sin no longer drinking anything
words trickle from the lips as water washes everything
words trickle down my finger tips
drinking of it’s water now that’s a sin
words trickle out of lips then back again
screams that often grow there are within
water washes everything from lips that drink the sin clean

Out comes the knife

Into the veins
into the tear ducts
into your eyelids
outcomes the secrets
burnt from the lies
that paint up your tongue
burning with questions
what do you love
breathing the air
and burning from sun
lips haven’t healed
bleeding from gums
into the veins
these wounds won’t heal
trying to remember
what is not real
into the tear ducts
out with the lies
no one is crying
just keep getting by
outcomes the secrets
the pain that you hide
into the veins
out comes the knife

What’s buried in the ground

secrets cannot burden
a mouth without a tongue
secrets cannot keep
the one who cannot hum
one that makes no noise
and is buried in the ground
a feast for all the maggots
that keep their secrets well
a feast for the earth to have it
all my secrets, sins I’ve worn.

Little secrets

Kill the mockingbird
quickly-before it hurts
shut it’s beak
and then
never let it breathe again
twist the secrets out of it
it’s soft life force
must forget
a tragedy
it learns through death.