Screaming and dreaming

Screaming and dreaming
that this will all now end
the river of blood
that it has been pretend
that every pain and cut
that we have suffered
is just another nightmare
existing under covers
screaming and dreaming
of something than the other
every bit of malcontent
the dreams of cowards
years we spent
and now it ends with this
screaming in the decadence

This ride

She screams inside
the thoughts have clouded her mind
it burns, it hurts, to think so much
and the screaming clogs the ears and such
the body moves to thoughts that steal
every moment, no time to heal
for visions build and she’s been misled
her screams have swallowed up her head
dreams don’t comfort during these reds
the worlds she visits end with tides
floods of roses often thyme
and everything will be just fine
keep the screaming inside this time


Through the walls
we hear you
the grieving in your beds
screaming at your children
fighting over head
through the walls
we know you
as cowards and as thieves
laughter turns to violence
and crying turns to screams
it may all be happening
through the walls
it could be seen
or maybe it’s just nothing
all images in my head
through the walls is something
very different
it all could be a fever dream
or worse than we’d expect
through the walls is humanity
in all its happenstance

Found her

I find her falling
falling down
right down
the hole
find her falling
and she does
not stop the floor
she breaks right
through it
falls and falls
falling down
I find her screaming
screaming in joy
to be let out
out of this falling
falling down
right down
and down
I find her crawling
crawling out
the fall she found