I can
I can
I can
I can do anything
it’s stupid
so stupid
for me not to believe
that I can achieve
anything I want
I can do anything
and I won’t think of the cost
I can be a hero
save those who can’t themselves
I can do anything
I have the power to help
I don’t think if I should
only cowards hesitate
I get offended
when told to stay in my lane
because I can
I can
yes I can
do anything
I am
able to achieve
I can do anything
I believe
and never second guess
never think to rest
never consider the mess
I can
they’ve always told me
that I can’t
so I do
I’ll save you
without a second thought
without much forgot
only cowards hesitate
this is my fight
I’m the hero
the hero I say
so I can
I can do anything
I can achieve my dreams
help others save some things
be the hero
I was born to be.

Dirty laundry

Surviving R. Kelly
it’s simple really
we need to stop fearing
and be somebody
stop all the excuses
it took far too long
you see abuse but then
still listen to the song
surviving R. Kelly
a tale we all knew
everybody saw it
but what could they do
when fear fills your heart
heroes die hard
no saviors here
just look away
when you stay silent
it’s them who will pay
surviving R Kelly
what does it mean
when we ignore the truth
how do we get clean?

Will to survive

They’re coming
they’re coming for me
not saviors
not saviors you see
the demons have come
they’ve taken to me
those that should love me
they’ve let me down
I fought for this life
but I’ve been the clown
the demons have knocked
on all other doors
I can’t keep them out now
they’ve come through my floors
bleeding is black
when you’re all alone
I won’t come back
I’m done waiting for
They’re coming for me
coming for me
they’re breaking the seams
arms ripping from
no legs in harsh shackles
they’ve come they are here
no saviors in sight
it’s time to decide
do you continue the fight?

The audience

Let’s all put our hands together
get real loud cheering to the letter
we made gods out of cotton tethers
not hard when you lose the measures
of right.
Let’s all put our heads together
find the means to weather out this storm
our survival born from treason to the floor
mourning bodies kept this time to whore
rake the money in this time we scored
whores that pose as gods in which we trust
let’s put our hands together
we have lost this time forever
let’s move on from this the bodies we gave up
let’s stop mourning and this cheering of nothing much
just figure out this time it’s been enough
goodbye to this the present past we sunk.

Every move you make

Break as they say you see
they have everything you need
now you want more but don’t
have too much you’re gonna choke
everything is far too much
not enough-it’s just your luck
break the borders
break the beds
never have you been misled

Mark the beast

Mark the beast and the tailor
took her down-oh how they shamed her!
Dressed her in their agony
pain inflicted-
passions unclean
stripped her of all she was
colored her in rags just because
mark the beast and bury the man
strip down the evils just because you can
nobody saw when they took her
just one man but we take it further
cannot believe the evil is human
so mark the beast-name it and burn it.

Rose flavored heroine

We don’t kill the monsters
we merely kill ourselves
make the cowards choices
make our beds in hell.
No, we don’t stake the vampires,
we do not shoot the wolves,
we take all of the money
and feed the youth to ghouls.
We don’t kill the demons
we pray to them instead
pretend our power comes
from silence bought by them-
those that have abused us
those that which have fed
on all the other victims
we’ve given them instead
no, we do not kill the beasts
we bend to them and then
pretend that we are heroes
for living off the dead.