Reality makes

I don’t want dreams
I don’t want things
all that I crave is up sleep
chain me uneven
break me when not needed
keep calling back to you
for reasons
I don’t want nice things
I don’t like pleasant dreams
I just want death to
be kind to me
keep me ever on the rope
tighten my grip on hope
never really let me go
I’m already insane
I don’t want to sleep here
no more dreams near
left for the rear mirror
to see the shadow standing still
keep me out and then fulfill
everything I never asked for
hollowed down and out more
I don’t want no dreams or things
nice enough or broken dreams
I just want the truth today
tell me what reality makes

Up the walls

I’m taking it for granted
watching appreciation fade
not knowing where I’m going
losing my well brain
the stable isn’t real now
not going to take control
I’m taking it for granted
how slowly the sickness grows
always here but rising
rising until it falls
hit the ground again
watching colored lights
climb up the walls

Traverse in silence

Dead in the darkness
traverse in silence
the soul drowns the highest
in skies that fall down
dead is the body
never to be found
caskets give nothing
now isn’t that profound
I can speak riddles
tell you I’m sane
but here in the darkness
do you know your name
drowning the souls
to wash them right clean
the difficult barren
that’s done claiming me
dead in the hollows
the darkness it seeps
are you really crazy
when it’s sanity you seek

The painted world

So aware that it’s not real
all the candy, colors and hills,
all the world that’s gone painting-
the decor and air is baiting.
It’s not real I know that’s true
so aware of what is real
all the colors, all the fun
my mind is running
my sanity gone.

Bubbles make the world go round

Bubbles pop
and then they ooze
drop that acid that turns blue
everything is crystal clear
drive into the diamonds
the red pool near
bubbles pop
and then there’s fire
purple flames that burn the tires
as we drive down blackest road
the bubbles pop
the world explodes