Under wings

Keep me under wings
keep me so I can’t run
find a place to hide
where I cannot see the sun
hide my eyes from everything
that conceives in light
keep me under wings
so I cannot fight
keep me in your embrace
keep me underfoot
I don’t want to stray
don’t know how to be good

The long game

I want out
but the screams mean nothing
keeps people thinking
your brain is wired funny
I want the walls to all collapse
but it’s just a judgment lapse
it’s everything
you never should be into
explorers lie in graves
they never meant to
screams mean nothing in the bedroom
sleep is just another way to pray
when nightmares bring the dreams you crave
anything is better than mundane
the luxury is priced higher than the pay
doesn’t give it back it’s just decay
safety is a trap
a very long game

Saving hand

Bring me back to life
drown me in your love
I’ll take what’s been given
I’ll drink the sugar up
bring me back to breathing
back before the death
all the withered dealing
causing body much distress
bring me back from death now
keep me close at hand
drown me in the fire
your love the saving hand


The world is a bubble
a tiny little place
a world inside it’s center
our world always encased
surrounded by the same air
looking at ourselves
reflection in the skyline
our visions colored with light
the world inside a bubble
ourselves do we only know
the light that wraps around us
doesn’t actually help us grow

Dreaming ourselves to death

Tick tock
everything is falling
down the cookie
is the clock
everybody’s running
this is the new spot
we can’t think for nothing
we don’t know ourselves
we redefine our genders
support unstable health
delusions get supported
we teach dysphoria in droves
everybody’s happy
but no one really knows
everybody’s crying
claiming it’s from joy
but nobody has realized
we’ve lost what makes us fly
everybody’s safe here
and that’s all that we want
we don’t need for nothing
we keep the training wheels on
tick tock
the world goes numb
everyone’s better
when we don’t feel much.

Nasty thing

All the trauma overcome
my battles won
but here’s the fun
true fear comes from
knowing love
owning something
you won’t give up
willingness to feel happy
safety is a nasty thing
comfortable and so it seems
until you dream the dying dream
fear of your own mortality
creeps upon your shoulders stay
yet you still remember the days
days when death would have been
so sweet
but knowing love has made you weak
fear the end and losing sleep
all because you have the dream.

Make the world a better place

Pick the places
make them stay
force the happy
it’s okay
we’re all special
in our own way
we can all be
incredibly lame
we get trophies
just for breathing
we are exceptional
because we’re needy
pick the places
you deem safe
force the happy
and make it stay

The clear backpacks of Parkland

Safety scissors,
plastic cups,
rubber bumpers,
all lit up
bright as day
clear backpacks
are here to stay!
You have asked for-
you did want;
safety, protections-
did you not?
This is the price
of your safety
an invasion into
precious privacy
they will look
at what you carry
because you
they look
to ensure safety.
Didn’t think this through
so-tampons save me!