I thought I could run from you
thought I could hide
like I’d be wrong again
though I know when I’m right
that all my focused judgements
in the end are all lies
I thought I could run from you
but I got trapped in the light
the warmth of your hands
and the taste of your lips
never thought it could feel like this
like I could feel home and free all the same
I thought I could run run to the pain
get caught for a moment
kiss you in the rain
but I was so wrong dear
can’t run away
I thought I could run
but you wouldn’t chase
you knew all along that I wanted to stay

No sleep

I find myself still running
running down an empty road
the world has all but ended
though I know I’m not alone
I feel the eyes still watching
watching from under stone
I find myself still running
even though my bones grow cold
I cannot see before me
and do not know what comes
from running with your feet up
running with no gloves
I cannot see before me
can’t hear the sound beneath
the world has all but died here
but still I cannot sleep


Run away from the light
hide your eyes in the dark
and wake from the sun
without a cause
drink the river’s moonlight
shine so dim but so bright
and find the blood
upon your hands is gone
run away from the light
as you can’t see it coming
worry tomorrow
you’re worried about nothing
and everything comes
as the forest closes in
run away from sunlight
let the truth finally check-in

Too small

Into a million pieces
my psyche shatters
can’t find the pieces
they’re too small to gather
and if I try to run
away from this
I will be consumed
lost in the thick of it
I find myself still trying
to pick up the pieces
get it all together
but they fall
have nowhere to go
I’ve no home
not with a broken mind
it’s too much to choke
and this is that I find
the pieces don’t match up
they break apart and fall
into a million pieces
my mind fades into a wall

Run, baby, run

I’ll show you crazy
I’ll show you over it
I’ll show you so gone
that you’ll be crying
I’ve got that sexy psycho
the kind that’s hard to let go
I’ll show you mayhem
I’ll break it down so fast
It’s like a wild ride
going so slow
we driving wild
catching every red
the truth is crazy
when it’s really said
I’ll give you demons
and wet dreams
I’ll make you feel
like you hate me
and in the end
it’s all for fun
I’ll show you crazy bitch
just to see you run


It’s not that I don’t matter
it’s rather ever after
the simple things we do
not enough of you
everything is twisted
still they manage to miss it
cancer in remission
still you abuse the system
crush those drugs for honey
the world never saw you coming
you just kept on running
look at where you are now.