Mirror of what came before

It’s the same
and yet
yet so completely
not again
but similar
still leaves my mind
searching for words
now that everything
is different
but all the same
old wounds
do not forget
the pain all in my skin
memory of flesh
but then
this time
it’s completely different
like night and day
but still we miss
we want to forget
under our skin
finger nails
and on our neck
makes the differences


What I want

When I look into your eyes

I see a dozen lives,

 all of them involving mine.

With white covered lace rippling down my waist,

A heart covered glass and my sins replaced.

Oh, but I don’t need your glory

I don’t need your hand.

All I want is freedom

I don’t need a man.

What I want is a life worth dreaming

   Life worth giving more.

I don’t want your heart so bleeding

   Dirtying my floor.

I don’t need your soul for mine

I don’t need your ring

Just give me arms about my waist

Give the flesh I need.

Comfort in this nights embrace,

A kiss to go to sleep

Lets play pretend let our hearts bend

Blending always free

Cause I don’t need your love

I don’t need forever

Don’t turn my life around

No happily ever after

No kiss to break the spell

I don’t need your wedding bells

Chapel hell.

I don’t need your sweets

No roses at my feet

No forever after scene

I don’t need your kiss

I don’t need your heart

I’m not the answer to prince charming

I’m just killing time.

All I want is your affection

All I want is your body in mine.

(March 18 2012)

Nothing is the better

When perfect isn’t perfect,

and enough is just too late

wondering if settling is up

or if true love’s off this plate.

When passions curse the aged together

and together feels like ease,

nothing simple is ever safe,

it just feels like another disease.

A cancer to the lungs, a smoking cough

to set it off

everything is just so right

but its all simmering with no hot.

And when you look at all you wanted

you see his face

you wonder if this wonder-lust

is just a wonder-safe.

Something lacking melody but imbued with

simple chants

that rhyme you with their marigolds

and stick you with their flats.

There never seems to be a charge to push you to your end

a crisis never reached only seldom-ly  in bed.

When touch can kiss the skin send ice right through its core

a trap is set through windows pouring out

Romances door.

And every rhyme you’ve ever felt is cold to hearts own game

because romance has flattened out

it needs another refrain.

For when it reaches climax you seem to come redone

and find yourself so simple,

so easy

so much in love.

But love would rather swelter where you sit in this pot

it’d rather reach you to a boil

while you bubble in your spot.

And while you sit their soaking up

all marry rhymes and shelters

passion dies, romance it flies and nothing is the better

(March 12 2012)

freedom in nothing

Everything is broken
nothing here is right
there really is no certainty
but we sleep at night
awake without eyes open
pockets empty too
I’m not sure what I’m doing
but at least one thing is true
that everything is broken,
poor and rusted through
I’ve torn my heart right open
and found a home with you.

One and two

And if we go together
will I know you stayed
for reasons I’d remember
if I lost my brain
cannot forget forever
when memories are lies
if I wake up tomorrow
it’ll all be alright
for you would know my name
if I’d forgotten mine
and I would know your face
even without my eyes
and if we go together
I will know you stayed
even if the moments
decide to go away
because even with my
broken mind
we are one in the same.

10 dating tips for the empowered woman

1: Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t think like a man and don’t be the cool girl. Be you. Be honest to yourself and your partners. Settle for nothing less than love for the authentic you.

2: Say it. When you have doubts, concerns or you are just bothered by something-say it. Don’t hold back feelings for fear of losing a partner or to spare them. It’ll lead to your unhappiness and you deserve better.

3: Don’t think like a man. This one begs repeating. If one night stands, and emotionless flings aren’t your thing-it’s okay. It’s not really every guys thing. It just some people’s  thing regardless of gender if it’s not yours that’s okay.

4: Get comfy in solitude by recognizing your options. Lonely night in? Get cozy with your favorite movie and think about your day. You looked good, and everybody saw it. Who’d you see that caught your eye? Fantasy is healthy and can be a great way to get to know your true wants.

5: Take charge. Want to cross that line with a friend? Really want to talk to the mysterious stranger at the bar? Ask them out, or buy them a drink. It’s hot, it’s alluring, and most importantly it feels amazing. Go get that rush.

6: Don’t cheat. There are a hundred excuses for why anyone cheats-you don’t need them. If you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, handle it. Have that conversation, give a reasonable time frame for change and bounce if the problem persists.

7: Resist temptation. Take a second and ask yourself why? Don’t make excuses take the second. If you need to end your relationship because your not done frolicking, do it. There’s no shame in needing time to have fun, but there is in the act of cheating.

8: Don’t rush and not just the physical. Don’t rush emotions savor the slow build and really take the time to see if this person is worth your time. You deserve the best take the extra time to see what you really want if anything out of it.

9: Give the best. When you expect the best you gotta give it in return. It’s beneath an empowered lady not to give it their all. Set the pace for respect, romance, and passions-all who fall behind, get left behind.

10: Don’t settle for an unhappy relationship, marriage, or even friendship if you’re not satisfied chances are they aren’t either. Talk it out and be okay with goodbye. You deserve to be happy.