The life of fiction

Everybody’s screaming
they want a new dark world
they want a dystopian present
they want a dictator to unfurl
this is not just America
it’s not only the red white and blue
the rest of the world is following
like they always do
everybody’s screaming
watching the world burn
though the birds are singing
and the sky is blue
everybody’s screaming
crying on the floor
we’re all in hysterics
but peace has left this war
we’re all beating ourselves
a right to self mutilation
everybody’s righteous
but nobody can see
the world that many of us live in
is a world of luxury
you can point out alternatives
places with real pain
but if you are pointing
you don’t notice the real rain
we’ve got problems everywhere
but not the ones you think
it’s easy to live in fiction
to live the written dream
to pretend that you are Katniss
and that you’re the chosen one
that you will save the world
by screaming reality isn’t fun.

Between a hero and a coward

Are you brave or just a coward?
I see you run with all that power
flee and leave the rest behind
don’t fight the evil
just take their bribes
everything will be safe in time
as long as you get paid tonight-
you say you feared for your career
feared for everything you hold dear
but you ran away-that much is clear
you took the cash-all silence here.
Are you brave-truly a hero
because all I see
is just a person
you aren’t too blame
for the abuse received but
your silence still is not bravery.