Trying what feels like hard
getting myself off the guard
can’t look up then down
spinning right round right round
wishing there was an out
change the way that I pout
can’t keep inside all day long
growing old no time for song
kids they acting so damn grown
trying to feel what they don’t know
getting all the arrows bent
can’t remember what’s been spent
out of change no time for coins
we don’t live here we’re just noise

Feel me

Never forget me
never move on
I’ll keep on writing
the same old damn song
singing of life like I’m moving forward
got you on my mind
the crazy getting bolder
feel me again
when you’re touching her skin
when you got babies
I hope you remember
the way that I tasted back in December
got you still dreaming I hope that it’s me
never forget the words you didn’t mean
I’ll always love you
though I claim that I don’t
I’ll always want you with my hands on your throat


stuck again
can’t quite remember when
I let it go and then
took another shot for him
drinking all that smoke right down
drowning sorrows can’t live without
stuck again I’m drunk too soon
can’t get out this afternoon
I’m sick with tears
and tired of sorrows
drinking stuck with bitter tomorrows

When we say goodbye

And when we say goodbye
will you say at least you tried
will you pretend you actually cared
stayed clear but stayed right there
as everything has faded back
you pretend it’s all gone black
memory begins to fade
and when we say goodbye
will you still remember my face?


We don’t know how to let go
to move on anymore
we don’t know how to let go
to heal or leave it behind
we just hold on
hold on too tight
we use the loss to keep us up at night
to grant us power and make us seem
like we deserve attention and things
we don’t know how to let go
four years later we bring it up now
won’t move on anymore
we keep standing at the door
waiting using and feeling the loss
we don’t let go we’re all unwashed

Once again

I let things go
but never truly
I hold them close
I keep them to me
never so
I’ll say goodbye
I keep these moments
you made me feel
I remember things
you meant to kill
I let go
of many things
never truly
though it seems
I will see you
once again
when this chapter
of light ends

Twist the heart

Twist the myths
rewrite the rhymes
we all forget
just a matter of time
falling into what might have been
a time when we were better kept
twist the memories so young
rewrite the victories already won
and take back what you once gave up
twist it all and break the bones
no logic left
just feel the purpose
everyone can shed a tear
never true feeling just lending an ear
and so we twist and churn our hearts
don’t remember being torn apart