Within and above

I’m living on a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it drips off the clouds it paints
like blood drips out of cloth
living on a rainbow
drinking crystal coated dreams
everything is silky
the smooth will make you scream
I’m living on a rainbow
colors blur my eyes
sight is candy coated
clouds are rich in soft
melting in your hands
the palm that isn’t bought
living in a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it paints the world alone and grey
candy leaving tooth decay
watching with blurred eyes I see
living in the colors rainbows dream
living in the sorrow
means living well beneath

Candy shop

Lollipops and cutters
dressed in white to smother
the symptoms of the others
falling down
tripping from the candy coated clouds
drinking all molasses as it drowns
choking down the sweet that doesn’t come
the tasty drink that promises the fun
the liquid that replaces all the suds
bubbles popping in the blood
rainbow floss and wedding bells
dirty laundry and sugar melt
everything in technicolor
cutting veins and eating suckers

Eyes on the ceiling

Eyes on the ceiling
true love forgets
children don’t die here
though often regret
the dreams that we had
we all have left
gaining a rainbow
colored death
broken like glass
good porcelain
the mirrors all shattered
the silver is lost
eyes on the ceiling
sins they have watched


Everything is colorful
everything is dust
rainbows made of marigolds
clouds all made of rust
the sky is painted bitter
but that just makes it green
a little bit of candy
ribbons made of bees
everything is wonderful
everything is bright
balloons made of clown noses
and streamers made of teeth
everything is colorful
especially when it bleeds.

When sour grapes grow old

Colors bleed from pores grown old
decrepit liquid skin won’t hold
drops and streams of browns and blacks
hidden evils toxic wax
boiling some colors bled out of pockets
from your head
hairline oiled from the greys
you have oozed out all your hate
bitter soul your colors portray
you are liquid rainbow decay.