Wander alone

Left to wander alone in this cage
broken by hours left in a rage
pacing like an animal
screaming like a ghoul
I no longer have anything to hold on too
left to wander alone in the dark
cold by myself
loneliness an art
everything is black
and everything is sin
left to wander alone in this skin

Lot of anger

I’ve got a lot of anger
just want to fight and scream
be as bad as I can be
don’t know what I mean
want to be so pure and sweet
but I’ve got these problems
got a lot of answers
but no one asking for them
know exactly why
I say it all the time
but no one wants to listen
no one wants to hear
so I’m just sitting screaming
get me the fuck right out of here
I’ve got a lot of anger
got issues you don’t know
even though I’m keeping secrets
I tell you everything I own
know I’m being bad
I even know why
but everything I tell you
you act as if I lie

Take away

Take the spite away
take the rage I cage
I just want to feel
relief from what’s not real
all my life I ponder
thought at once I’d wander
drive until I sleep
somewhere new and free
chained myself by fear
faith I thought held dear
but all my words were empty
I wish I had the time
memory of wine
blood that kept me clean
take away the screams
keep the shame at bay
Oh Lord I feel insane