on the shelf

Just a doll on a shelf
no use for nothing else
catch the dust
and sit real still
don’t know how I really feel.
Just a toy for their amusement
cannot refute just how I’m used
yet I’m impatient for real life
wish I knew more then to survive
just a doll upon the shelf
taking up space and nothing else
breaks the same as time will tell
no real voice just frills and lace
she sits quietly while in place
meaning nothing
taking grace
she cannot walk, speak, only take.

Hello, hello, hello…

I’ve been a bit stuck in the realm of nothing coming from a pen or from the tips of my fingers.

Minus the new outburst of poetry, building and projecting itself from my mind, there has been little to no work done.

I decided to start here because I am having such an easy time posting to my other blog Hand.In.Both.Boxes  and thought what a lovely idea! To start a blog with all my current projects available and the whole-wide-internet to be subject to them, depending on usage of said whole-wide-internet.

It is my hope that having them all in a place where access is an ease, and the public are able to view them, I might actually make a bit of progress.

And, so, here it is, my mind unraveled for your enjoyment.

The pleasure I assure you is all mine.