The end of times

The weakest of the sexes
both bought and purchased methods
we are quite deceptive in our fear
the weakest of us we hold mostly dear
the product of our weakness and our care
double standards we don’t speak or share
our weakness is the power which you swear
life and blood and meaning to our hair
bones and flesh not offered but to snare
keep you in the dungeons of despair
the weakest of the sexes reside there
to take the entire world so unaware

Pussy Power

I got privilege between my legs
nobody owns it like they say
I’ve been taught that I am strong
I got that pussy it’s like a law
I can scream loud and tell you lies
you believe me because it’s right
if I’m wrong well that’s oppressive
I’m not really liking this attention
I’ll make you feel like it’s okay
to joke around me and just play
but when I see an opportunity
I’ll jump ship I got immunity
tell the world that you harassed me
and they’ll believe it or just demure
they won’t sensationalize I’m just a girl
I got privilege in this pussy of mine
I don’t ever need to be right
if I’m uncomfortable men will rise
fight off detractors my white knights
all the other girls will come to my side
and the ones who don’t
yeah those bitches ain’t right
handmaidens and brainwashed
they the reason men rape ‘cause
they submit where I fight
even if I’m wrong the world says I’m right
I can lie and manipulate
I got privilege between my legs
I rewrite all of history
say that women always on their knees
if you contradict that’s oppression
like I’m right because I’m a woman
don’t call me out because I got tits
privilege between my legs and you want it
I’ve been taught that I am strong
but working hard it takes too long
so I’ll just scream and cry and shout
and then raise hell when I’m called out


I am not okay
want you to know today
the painful truth of self
how i let myself down
didn’t speak the pain
refused to say the name
said the truth must be
that i cut myself baby
I’ll show you as if it’s art
cry tears that are hard to start
about why I’m always afraid
but i can work today
share my pain as though it’s yours
hurt the world with my last word
I am not okay
because I could never say
the name or how I felt
how i let myself down
I cut myself today
triggered others with my pain
don’t sell a proper way out
show beauty in pain right now
the beauty in tragedy
though self mutilation be
a horrid act of self
I am not okay
but this is my hell
I didn’t speak when spoken to
if this is happening to you
speak out and do not mince
words that stick to lips
force screams and let them know
you aren’t okay don’t let go
cutting is not beauty
scars remind us truly
that ignoring our own pain
breaks us of our name
don’t glorify that scene
with pictures meant to be
beautifully framed art without a game
scars and cuts they are the same
as what nobody needs
you share a picture please
remember what it means
that pain is not beauty
there’s no strength in being a victim
survival is much different
then living and learning to thrive
a victim is not how you strive
don’t glorify your scars
your pain is not who you are
I live my life in fear
overcome it live my dears
don’t allow the rich to bleed
bleed unto you baby
just lift yourself back up
even if you cut
don’t glorify that pain
glorify the strength that comes
by admitting you need help
by leaving victimhood for health

When words wound

This offends me but not him
I am oppressed so I win
I don’t like the things you love
I don’t like the words made up
I hate apes because they’re racist
I hate dogs because of bitches
I hate dikes because it’s offensive
this is life but I have objections
this offends me so give me protections
what ever happened to dealing with it
proving them wrong and turning it quick
finish the insult they have begun
don’t listen to haters just reach for the sun
we’ve made excuses out of offense
we no longer battle we ask permission
we are not strong, empowered or woke
we just gave in and became our own joke.

Petals birthed from thorns

I walked away
found a road
I should’ve known
I took the darkness
made bitterness my home
I am a rose
in thorns only this I know
I’m not a queen
worth innocence
in name or deed
I am the poison
in the tiniest of seeds
I’ve planted toxic
while kissing I find my own
a place like heaven
where I’d no longer be alone
my debts are many
but the price I will absolve
my time is plenty
all I’ve become and much
much more
I’ll bloom with color
burst these petals from
this thorn
I’m still quite deadly
but I know what I want more
I have roots growing
they push deeper
deeper than before
and I’ll grow bravely
brilliant and reassured
that heavens waiting
once I open up that door