I sit inside this teacup
boiling off the sugars
the cream upon my skin
dripping off of shoulders
back into the water
sitting on the rim
everything is crystal
while I am porcelain
I sit inside the water
the teacup overflows
everything I am
now we’re in the cold
I sit inside this teacup
and drink myself to death
inside all of me
is all that I have left

She sings

In the quiet silence of the sewers below she sings, our porcelain FREAK. On an island of filth dressed in her finest robes, her teardrops echo-drip, drip, drip. Everything is pitch, but her voice lights the way. Her siren song filling the tunnels, calming and exciting the vermin. Footsteps. Sloshing in the sick wet footsteps after getting louder. Her painted smile cracks a bit as her haunting melody continues.
Our girl is lonely-empty even-as the cold, deep chill of the underneath consumes her. A light shines above her-a halo wrapping the island and our doll in a golden glow. In the darkness all you see is her. She sings. The sound a spiritual terror that begs the soul to follow. The footsteps abide.
What our doll doesn’t know is they aren’t answering her siren’s call. Not that she would mind.
Her empty song continues traveling through the filth as an angel’s cry. The steps becoming more rapid, faster and faster they slosh-only one, but here he comes.
“Honey?! Honey daddy’s coming!“ the man screams running knee high in fecal water his eyes glazed in false hope. “Is that you? Baby-I’m here!” the man is crying-tears of joy run down his face. The song doesn’t even penetrate his ears-no tonight Porcelain sings to no one.
No matter, black eyes widen as our girl begins to salivate-she’s so lonely. The man is almost at the halo. Her hand rises to her delicate chin “daddy’s here-baby-daddy’s here!” arms fling open as he reaches her island once he reaches the island he falls. Slamming into compact filth he crawls to our robed beauty “daddy… daddy found you” he’s smiling-blinded by hope he stares up into her dead, black eyes. The song stops.
This isn’t his little girl.
In one swift motion Porcelain removes her face revealing true darkness as he is frozen, gazing into the empty cavity. He screams, but there is no sound the emptiness consumes all. His eyes die as all hope leaves him and the darkness consumes. She’s lonely-so very lonely. The halo disappears, the sewers return to black as she sings.