Sharp dressed man

Butch is putting on her shades after fixing up her tie-looking sharp.
Baby will be pleased.
Stoic face flashes a grin firing finger pistols at the mirror with a-heh heh. She exits the bathroom quickly maneuvering through the narrow hallways of her family’s apartment holding her breath. Butch doesn’t want to be seen-can’t take a conversation. Mei is in the closet, she won’t be back until sometime tomorrow. Besides-Polly’s waiting.
Reaching the front door she exhales, catching the soft sound of Jade’s singing in the kitchen, and the scent of dumplings. Butch’s stomach rumbles as she turns the knob slipping away without a sound.
Once to the sidewalk Polly squeals.
“Butchy!” flinging arms and legs around shoulders and waist she takes in her scent, “You ready?” her voice is like candy, the kind that pops on your tongue. Little Miss Pocket is down for some fun as her feet hit the cement once again.
“Always,“ Butch grabs her lady by the hip and the two begin walking down the quiet street.
They haven’t discussed what they’re doing, but both figured the night would have it’s way-It always does.
What a sight our ladies are tonight! One three piece suit, one hot pink dream. Butch looking like a bluesy brother and Polly in a velvet number that would make a grown man squeal. The grin on Butch’s face let’s you know she’s savoring every moment, pulling her Pocket closer she pretends reality melts away.
The wind blows more than a breeze-the girls are in the first boulevard where apartments become houses and those houses are rather large. Another soft gust and something’s caught Polly’s attention, her nose twitches, her eyes follow the scent.
“Butch baby, do you see what I see?“ her freckled cheeks rise as her smile reaches ear to ear.
Following her eye line Butch sees a house, a house in the middle of the street. A pretty place all closed up for the night, a pretty place without a porch light.
With a smirk, “That I do my pretty, that I do.”
They begin walking their footsteps silent, and as they reach the driveway they separate. Polly heading forward, Butch taking the back-as usual. Tucking her shades into her chest pocket she spots the back gate. Every neighborhoods the same: reach over, pull up, the locks gives-no fuss. Once in she closes it silently behind her-this girl’s practiced.
The backyard is nice. One of those sweet promises fulfilled: a pool, garden, patio, and all. She breathes slowly reaching the backdoor-two bills it’s open-and so it is. She slips in.
Her ears twitch immediately. Polly’s in already heading up the staircase. Smiling she takes in the scene, no real need to rush. She’s in the kitchen, it’s modern day, fully stocked-good pick. With a grin and a flash she pulls her piece striking a cop pose before,heh heh,clearing the area. She’s moving with purpose, weapon at the ready, but she’s alone.
No bedrooms, she frowns. The house is beautiful, five rooms downstairs, but no sign of life. Silently she moves towards the stairs. There’s a thud Polly’s found a breather thump our suited heroine is on the move!
Reaching the top she meets a robed woman before she can scream Butch covers her mouth. Pushing the woman to the floor, her piece to the woman’s temple-once, twice, three times for safety. The silence helps, but she drags the body along anyway. Finding Polly in the midst of pulling a gagged man’s eyes from his face-still breathing.
Her strawberry cutie turns to her all smiles, “Clear,” then turns back to her toy pulling the remains from his sockets.
Taking in the upstairs Butch spots what looks like a kids room. She doesn’t go in. She simply walks to the door and closes it. With an easy breath she shrugs-Polly woulda done them first.
Our b&e babes clean out the joint, pulling plan: Arson Investigator Gone Wrong, and setting the place a blaze.

All in a nights work

We find our powerful duo… working?
Yes, working.
Tonight we find our heroines working with sweet little pocket surrounded by a circle of John’s. Dressed in hot pink as a prima ballerina she giggled excessively “take’em out daddy’s I like to see ’em grow!” moans and dicks asides the show is just getting started outside the party room.
Our bombastic Butch stands guard on the other side of the door listening to her Barbie tantalize. One of the ousted John’s gets testy as the jeers get louder the treat about to get tasty “you-yo” the quarter back slurps smacking lips before trying to rise out of the low armchair “goonn you guna let me in” he finally gets to his feet.
Our sharp dressed bulldog cocked an eyebrow, grunting a no, and meeting his drunken gaze through her shades. Without another word the mound of meat flesh kicked back like an animal and charged. With the power of a sumo Butch smashed down catching the man throwing him back into his seat. His skull thrown back a crack could be heard our bodyguard gave a satisfied snort.
The door opens then our heroines back together as Polly hiccups “you too?” beyond the door the bukkake circle was left bleeding from severed cocks and necks.

Polly and Butch

All you baddies better listen good-
there’s a new Barbie in town
and she’s gonna
Fuck. You. Up.

And this pretty little pocket
doesn’t roll with no Ken!
Better watch your back
before Butch
Takes. Your. Head.

One plastic, one tank-
the perfect combination of
brutality, blood, and sex
these ladies will
Make. You. Dead.