On the clock

Something that someone did
let’s forget it’s so tragic
play the victim once again
little girls with no knowledge
make excuses and deflect
you know what you really wanted
say the truth and say it loud
you’re just looking for another way out
got the words in your mouth
one way or another you let them out
sing the praises and sing the speak
you don’t own the path you seek
something someone once did do
you can always run the rules
play the games like little girls do
scream the name of victimhood
something someone did one time
we know the name but speak in rhyme
know the game but not the score
little girls in congress wanting more
little girls on twitter so damn bored
can’t do their real job that’s for sure
so they did that one thing something for
little girls playing big girl games
someone once did something just for fame
little girls be speaking double talk
never been to their district the phones cut off
something is like something unprofessional
little girls play games like tentacles
little girls play games don’t tell the scores
they keep crying victim that’s for sure
attacked for what they’re screaming something for
everybody’s leaving as they scream stop
they just playing victim while they on the clock.

Everybody knows Ed Buck

Everybody knows
Ed Buck,
everybody knows
what he does,
everybody knows
why he’s free,
the man’s the money
behind the dream.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
West Hollywood staple
what luck
he preys on black men
gets them hooked on meth
and when they die
everybody knows
Ed Buck.
Everybody knows
this fuck
but he pays to play
until he’s done
tragedy comes at the end
we all know
where the money led.
Everybody knows
Ed Buck
everybody knows
what he does
pays the democrats
then he saves his own ass
another dead meth head
for him to love.
Everybody knows
how this ends
we forget this story
and it begins again
Ed Buck will continue to play
black men in bright light of day.


Got so bored with luxury
society don’t mean a thing honey
bleeding from our boogie sores
we do dumb shit
when we get bored
like make a thing of politics
create merchandise
hashtags and trip
drink the mix that’s burning hot
Flaming Moe our tropes all caught
intoxicate before its lost
we throw tantrums just to shout
we get off on Tragedy’s mouth
do dumb shit just for show
want to cry yeah we love to scream
growing don’t mean a thing no more
everything is shades of grey
we want any reason to look away
gold is blinding don’t you read
fools endeavour to make believe
live a life oh so pretend
got so bored with luxury
we do dumb shit when we can’t see
hit the walls our heads will bleed
bleed all over marble floors
we do dumb shit when we get bored

Liberty dies in thunderous applause

Is Charlize Theron
returning to South Africa
with her kids to escape racism?
Does she know
what her homelands doing?
Does she care
of the blood their perusing?
She’d be safe
but only for a time
because she’s not a framer
but even rich don’t clean white
so when her kids turn their backs
will she remember then
her time in America
and fear for her kids
was South Africa the answer
when they take your land
repeat the evils of the past
but this time no one’s sad.
Is Charlize Theron returning home
without the past or present known?

By any other name

Caravan of bicycles
makes its way
across the walls
invisible or well erect
they will get in
they just haven’t yet
come on trains, in trucks
now bikes
they will get in
they’ve set their sights
this is where they want to be
so they come in droves, en masse
they ride their bikes
they will get past
hoping no authority
will catch their criminal activity


I point the finger
but they don’t take the blame
I point the finger
but still they feel no shame
I point the finger
but no one seems to see
so I point my finger
and then begin to scream
I point my finger
and take whatever I need
I point my finger
and force my will through screams
I point my finger
and expect justice to be done
it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong here
I’ll keep screaming until you’re gone

That’s ignorant

Tell me again
how you are my friend
what do you know
that I don’t?
Where have you been
while I’ve been worn thin
by others who claim to be-
all of the words,
the pride and the curse
all they have said to me,
but you say we’re fine
a group undivided by thought
or differing feeling
yet you abuse
those that you choose
break those that disagree
I’ve been just fine living my life
a life that has taught me to see
that nobody’s perfect
we’re all just that ignorant
that in a mass
we all can’t believe
liberation not always the same

On top and him

I am weak
so infantile
you’re words trick
so filled with guile
power of the stronger sex
to catch the prey that doth protest
break their pretty little necks
move on to next contest
I’ll throw myself into the game
but never take the blame
for we are judged quite equally
but I am fragile
oh so weak
you have done so wrong to me
but I will scream and cry and weep
while you take the luxuries I reaped.
In the past and back again
thought the equal it would lend
to the fairer sex unmet
from the lower on top of him.

Ants vs Wasps

We are not equal
not one in the same
you see the difference
is not as innate
as in skin color, or
the way that you pray
the difference is in
how you get paid
you’ve got the bling bling
I’ve got the pain.
We are not equal
not one in the same
you can afford the lies
on display
you don’t know the difference
living day to day
you don’t know the meaning
of living just for pay
you don’t know the meaning
of working poor or debt
you don’t know the truth
behind your politics.

He’s already dead, he’s already dead…

Walk out
turn around
those goddamn tears
right now.
Never let a word
in edge wise
just keep repeating
the verse-those big lies.
Rip the paper
turn the flavor
change your name
or lose the favor.
Everybody taste the same
when you bleed
the thinking brain
change the world
by inbreeding
we lost soul
critical meaning.