Wigs hang from the ceiling
candy plagues the shelves
lining up the floorboards
counting all one’s wealth
chocolate covered nails
the press on kind with paint
wigs hang from the ceiling
the clocks all ticking late
the floors covered in sugar
the kind you shouldn’t taste
wigs hang from the ceiling
all the flesh has been replaced


In the morning if I wake up
burning in this bed
the sheets have all gone dirty
painted all deep red
turning brown as want to do
the blood is all but dry
in the morning if I wake up
it will be another morning
that I cry
if I die while sleeping
it will be a pleasure
burning in this bed
I take to waking measured

Dinner for two

Cornered but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in your flesh again
take a bite and spit it out
don’t know how this taste so round
you’re full of flavor with nice texture
cornered me but I dine with pleasure
I’ll taste your throat and suck your eyes
think I’m afraid but I’m starving inside
need to fill myself when you
the rotten flesh you try to soothe
I’m in a corner but unafraid
I’ll sink my teeth in once again
and when it’s over you’ll have no flesh
I’ll eat you down to the bone my friend

Fantastically disturbing

Everything’s fantastic
we’re drowning cats in plastic
puppies die from kicking
all the people ice cream licking
everything’s disturbing
we’re drowning in our yearning
children cry from laughter
we’re clouding skies much faster
everything’s fantastic
scarring flesh bombastic
fires burn the good stuff
I can’t think it’s not enough
everything’s in the sink
disturbing cake and cream
kitten’s dying teeth
the things we think we need
so much terror in pleasure we seed
distributing fantastic things.

Within and above

I’m living on a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it drips off the clouds it paints
like blood drips out of cloth
living on a rainbow
drinking crystal coated dreams
everything is silky
the smooth will make you scream
I’m living on a rainbow
colors blur my eyes
sight is candy coated
clouds are rich in soft
melting in your hands
the palm that isn’t bought
living in a rainbow
watching sorrow drop
it paints the world alone and grey
candy leaving tooth decay
watching with blurred eyes I see
living in the colors rainbows dream
living in the sorrow
means living well beneath


Candy coated splatter on my heart
drinking before noon becomes an art
sitting in the backseat of some guy’s car
little edgy girls they fall apart
here they are again a different set
candy coated innocence well bred
drinking in the sun and driving far
little girls all divas in the stars
girlhood starts to die this time tonight
crying is romantic when your high


In this world of hell
we sing up ourselves well
we wind up making excuses
we don’t like truth
we mute them
we just want to be free
to destroy our dignity
to become what we are want
to be as bad as selfish mobs
we want to drink in pain and pleasure
we want to bathe in gold forever
in this world we wrought
we want to act as we aren’t wrong
we just do whatever we want
break it down till we get on
in this world that we have made
we will never take our true blame

Taken away

Everything that glitters
glitters when your gone
artificial pleasure
the nature of this song
every pretty moment
every pretty kiss
everything that glitters
flickers before it trips
disguised by bitter longing
and loving memories
the glitter that has blinded
has taken everything
blinded by its light
a beautiful moment
in a kiss
artificial pleasure
has taken away my lips