Fantastically disturbing

Everything’s fantastic
we’re drowning cats in plastic
puppies die from kicking
all the people ice cream licking
everything’s disturbing
we’re drowning in our yearning
children cry from laughter
we’re clouding skies much faster
everything’s fantastic
scarring flesh bombastic
fires burn the good stuff
I can’t think it’s not enough
everything’s in the sink
disturbing cake and cream
kitten’s dying teeth
the things we think we need
so much terror in pleasure we seed
distributing fantastic things.

What dreams are

Dreams are made of fire
burning bright and out of time
dreams are candy coated
pinks and purples on a plate
everything is burning
sugar clouds become the flames
the sky all lit in technicolor
amber threads of sweet delay
dreams are made of silver pillows
golden sheets in disarray
dreams are made of glass
and they shatter just as easy
when everything’s in plastic
it’s hard to go to sleep

What we’ve lost

Pastel colors plastic cars
everything a work of art
the world we dream in
the world we sought
a world on fire
true love forgot
plastic covers metal doors
thirsty for what is more
more than plastic
more than this
dreams of worlds less ignorant
in plastic hearts we find no love
just simple pleasures
no one above
everything a work of art
no trying here just what’s forgot

In the ball pool

Tripping on the plastic
I’m falling it’s fantastic
drowning in the ball pool
crying if only I could
I’m tripping over nothing
laces without shoes
dripping from the soles
screaming if I could
breathing only inwards
exhaling now absurd
tripping over plastic
I’m singing in the rain
drowning in the ball pool
I’m drinking in the pain


I am ceramic
fragile and tragic
frozen in place
where you led me.
Statue of stone
bathed in this gold
I have no soul
can you save me?
I am ceramic
precious, fragile,
and sold.