Dinner preparations

Today we start preparing for the night
sharpen all the kitchen knives
make sure the table set
put the children back to bed
and when we sit for dinner you will know
tomorrow for you dear will never show

Places please

Show me my place again
don’t let me get in red
let me forget and then
maybe we can be okay
I don’t feel it there today
just shove me right back
to the floor
show me where I hit the door
tell me where I start to begin
where my place is
where I live

Truth hurts

It hurt your feelings
but does it mean it isn’t true?
Everytime you’re reminded
have to deal with the true image of you
does it hurt to know that you are you
and that that statement
though it hurts
is undeniably the truth?
It hurt your feelings
but does that make it wrong?
You say you don’t care
but then you cry
is it so wrong to just live your life?
It hurt you so it made it wrong
you don’t care but you cry on
it’s the truth and that’s a fact
it isn’t wrong don’t turn back
if you don’t care look it in the face
the truth to not caring
is knowing your place