Without a care

Pluck the flowers watch them die
keep them close and whisper bye
walk away and never sing
never return or drink the mead
ask them nicely how they seed
should have asked before they died
now they’re gone and you wonder why
the withered petals are in your hands
you see beauty tragedy romance
the end of all is so less pretty
like the tragic forgetful feeling
should have asked before they died
the other end we see no sight
the slight deflowering overnight
keep them close and whisper bye
you pretend you cry at night
as though it burns your withered eyes
drink and burn the smoke you wear
pluck the flowers without a care

The petals

And all at once
all of the sudden
there is a rose just under skin
translucent flesh then petals begin
it grows without its stem
it’s petals so delicate and thin
vibrante as it should be
it’s roots they’re found within
the home of what it could be
all out of sorts it seems
all at once it’s hidden
the rose beneath the sea

Ruby covered roses

Ruby covered roses fall back to the ground
choked by all that’s shiny weighing petals down
the world is one big garden that shines and gleams it seems
but the flowers are all dying on the floor and in the weeds
ruby covered petals scratch the eye so clear
the world is but a garden protected by beautiful gear
the rubies we’ve collected decorated our flowers with
down simply into memory as the roses lose their grip

Petals birthed from thorns

I walked away
found a road
I should’ve known
I took the darkness
made bitterness my home
I am a rose
in thorns only this I know
I’m not a queen
worth innocence
in name or deed
I am the poison
in the tiniest of seeds
I’ve planted toxic
while kissing I find my own
a place like heaven
where I’d no longer be alone
my debts are many
but the price I will absolve
my time is plenty
all I’ve become and much
much more
I’ll bloom with color
burst these petals from
this thorn
I’m still quite deadly
but I know what I want more
I have roots growing
they push deeper
deeper than before
and I’ll grow bravely
brilliant and reassured
that heavens waiting
once I open up that door