In that way

I must be crazy
but you don’t give a damn
just get hazy
living out in the sand
you must think that
something specials in the air
you read red ink
and think that you get it anywhere
I must be crazy thinking ’bout you
like you’re someone that still matters
like my heart is on the floor
still left in shreds and tatters
everything is nothing left
I must be crazy and full spent
but you don’t give a damn
or so you say
you don’t really see it in that way

Most creatures

Most creatures are afraid of me
won’t take the time to see
won’t heed my many warnings
or take what I don’t need
they gather with their torches
so awed and so afraid
so many creatures haunt me
the fear that they display
most creatures cannot stand me
oh they do not like the sight
instead they’d rather burn me
pretend to come at night


I sometimes imagine
what it might be like
being you
the downward spiral
the death of joy
the bitterness of the slaves employed
kicking puppies
spreading lies
I sometimes imagine this life
the karma and pain
the trauma you make
slitting the throats of rabbits all day
killing the flowers
shit in the garden
the hate that you breathe out
I can’t really fathom
young people please
don’t become this
negative energy
it’s like drinking piss


so often token
lost in a sea of gold
I’ve been on both sides darling
but I don’t think that you know
I got my lace dress on
and I got that heart that shines
you think I’m made from nothing
you got tears in your eyes
I’ve been out in the dust cloud
I’ve weathered plenty of storms
here in your garden honey
I know my worth is torn
I’ve been the token body
poor girl that’s given more
I got lost in the diamonds
thought I could make the grade
but when you cut the cards baby
I’m the one that don’t get play
broken so often token
lost in that sea of gold
oh man my number’s spoken
you got the worth I don’t

The bad joke

I’m just a joke baby
a thing you make to breathe
the kind of girl you dreamed up last night
I know what I am
yes I know what you planned
the night you bought me for cheap
they would have given me for free
it’s just another night in your cold arms
this kind of love is doing me harm
I’m tangled in your web
you got my soul
my head
you got the life I breathe
you know I mean something
but only to you
only to you do I have value
I’d killed myself if I knew how to bleed
I don’t think you really understand me
I know what I am
and I know what you planned
and I disagree
you don’t got what I need
you thought you’d hold me up
keep me in your cuffs
drinking from your cup
like I love this stuff
oh baby you don’t know me
but you will see
I’m gonna burn it all
gonna make you fall
it’s just another cold night
you can hold me real tight
and when I say goodbye
you’ll know you won’t wake again

What’s happened

What’s happened?
I fell asleep
then I woke up
and everything has changed
I fell asleep
and now the world looks rather deranged
what’s happened?
everyone is talking
everyone has laughed
but nothing has been funny
and now I need to ask
wonder what’s been happening
since I took that nap
I fell asleep
and woke up to a world that’s rather lame
not so much in the slang sense
rather lame within the brain
I fell asleep then woke up
wished it was all a bad dream
everything has changed
but I’ll pretend it’s just all me

Bedroom of mirrors

We don’t like our mirrors
though we crave the sight
reflections we all need
we pretend we see it right
the nights they grow so cold
surrounded by reflection
we don’t like our mirrors
but we crave this kind of attention
we want so much of visage
we want so much of self
but we don’t like our mirrors
we don’t want ourselves
we can burn the memory
of what we see today
cover up the perceptions
that make mistakes okay
we don’t want to be healthy
our mirrors tell us to stay


I want to be just like you
without the struggle and the strife
don’t want to give anything back tonight
but I’m just like you aren’t I?
Don’t you know we’re all the same
the money in the bank don’t play
I got blood in my veins honey
so it’s you I want to be okay
ain’t nothing stopping me today
I want to be just like you
without the struggle
without the sacrifice
I want to keep my plush
risk free kind of life
I want to be you
want to say I struggle too
though you I mean it on a human way
not like I’m going to be evicted
it’s that I’ve got bills that go unpaid
I want to be just like you
because I bleed too
because I know things about the holidays
like buying Christmas trees
and living the lights up long
I’m just like you
and you’ll keep playing along
because I’m human too
in the end I’m just like you
without the strife and struggle
or reality in tune

Champagne singing

Tell me what you see
inside the pink champagne
tell me all the bubbles sing
drink the sound away
and dance until the morning comes
the light begins to sway
dreaming in the honeycomb
the milk and flowers pray
tell me what you see inside
the golden ring displayed
the pink champagne and bubbles clear
the sound of singing can be heard
tell me what you know
do you see the sunshine bleeding
the flowers never grow

Who am I

I don’t see myself reflected in your eyes
just a different fucking girl
a different version you prefer
of the girl I just might be
if interpretations are to be believed
I don’t see myself in the mirror any longer
just a series of women
each one a different genre
something someone wanted to see
a person they wanted me to be
just a warm body to take up a seat
to give them advice on the cheap
and this the meaning of me
what I am lead to believe
the truth only relative
that you see what you want I guess
hear my name and make up a face
pick my home and my birth place
I don’t see myself when I walk outside
every person picks a different kind
it’s like what flavor might I be tonight
because you don’t really care who am I