Dante’s warning

Purge the demons from the well
who’ve drank the poison and foretell
the falling of what might have been
the keepers of the fallens’ sin
every angel here has wept
for the Godhead must repent
all the evils here are true
we’ve hidden beast and stole our youth
every sin must be accountant
for the acts of Dante shouted
long ago of who you are
every demon that you’ve touted
every soul you have damned
this is all an act of man
perversion of what you have read
the words of God on your tongue dead
every sinner must face judgement
here the fallen priest have fed
and now the world will shed the light
do not hide do what is right
we have seen this all before
a holy man who causes war
every child they have wounded
taken from angels with mistrust and abuses
purge the demons from our folds
take the righteous and behold
the wicked loom wherever we go
a holy man is merely stone
blood and flesh they take form
the greed of men yes evil is born
purge the Vatican, purge the fold
as God commanded let man’s law reign
for their souls are His to take
charge the men for what they’ve done
no more silence the game is done
evil lives within the gates
the Holy place of Catholic grace
we have known for all this time
the Pope and Vatican want God to die.

In the interesting universe of Selena Gomez

And she said I don’t know him
I don’t know about that situation
so I just separate-
I separate the pedophile
from the work it’s true
even though it’s in his title
he directs my every move
I just play a part you see
I don’t know-no not a damn thing,
don’t you think the universe
is interesting?
It’s interesting how I claim to
believe in God
it’s interesting that I speak of
justice at all
but even though it’s a long known secret-
one in which we know
no one’s been keeping-
bring up the news of today
and then just say
I separate-
he’s an abuser but I took the job
he’ll get critical acclaim
but I’ll separate my part
pretend that my silence isn’t supporting
pedophilia at all

Woody and Selena

Here come the wolves
here comes the blood
we’re in for fun
when we turn a blind eye
to the ones who we love.
Oh-girl you look like a cherub
all cheeks and a smile to cherish
but your dancing for-
but your acting for
a monster.
Do you adore him?
Think he’ll lead you to your moment
back on top-is that what your hoping
but you got lost in the game
dance, dance, dance
your way to authentic fame
the kind you don’t want, but
Woody Allen would pay
get you that trophy-
that golden statue to display.
Do you really think you walk free
without blame?
When the wolves come to feed
when the wounds begin to bleed
you’ll know Selena Gomez
enabled the fiends.

Creeper and Brave

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Another pedophile
by our heroines side
fighting all the demons
witch hunt with pride
but when the victims a child
this business-not mine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Sweet and gentle-
yeah, a really good guy
who just happens to be
convicted of a crime
having been very generous
with his flesh and his time
abused a young boy
but to our heroine-it’s fine.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
A bunch of hypocrites
who run from real fights
can’t protect the kids
no, they just hide
protect the demons that pay
yes, protect the demons they like.

In the rose garden
what do we find?
Find there’s no difference
in the monsters this time
that evil is human
regardless of face
that evil is human
regardless of taste.

Milo’s brother

Think about it if you will
my name is James
and I’ve a story to tell
I hope that you hear
I want you to know
I’m not sure if your listening, but
I need to let this go.
Think about it if you will
I’m twelve years old
tired and sleepy
safe in my home.
My name is James and I’m twelve years old
my brother is Milo
our story unfolds.
Think about it if you will
my brothers Milo
he invites me to his bed
we’re safe in our home.
He tucks me in tightly
I fall to sleep
to the sound of his feeling
under the sheets,
hot is his breathing
hands not on me-
he’s touching himself
Think about it if you will
this happened every night
he’d invite me to his bed
his masturbation my lullaby
started at a young age
continued to my teens
but my parents and my therapist knew,
said nothing’s unnatural about me laying in his bed-
think about it this way
What if this poems about Lena Dunham instead?